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Awarded National Accreditation by NAACLS since 2015

What is a Medical Laboratory Technician?

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According to the American Society for Clinical Pathology,

a medical laboratory technician (MLT) performs routine tests in all areas of the clinical laboratory. A medical laboratory technician searches for basic clues to the absence, presence, extent, and causes of diseases. This skilled individual is responsible for performing laboratory tests efficiently and accurately for high-quality patient care.

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Does this program prepare me for the workforce?

The MLTT program at San Diego Miramar College is designed to produce trained individuals to enter the medical laboratory workforce as Medical Laboratory Technicians or clinical diagnostic companies in the local biotechnology industry. The program's primary learning outcome is to graduate competent, workplace-ready members of a laboratory team. The MLT program is also designed to prepare students to take a national exam which when passed provides a California license as a Medical Laboratory Technician.

Expected employers include hospital labs, private clinics, clinical research organization (CRO) support services as well as the local biotechnology industry working in the area of diagnostics.

What are the prerequisites to the MLT program?

Science Prerequisites for MLTT program:

  1. BIOL 107 (General Biology—Lecture and Lab) or BIOL 131 (Introduction to Biotechnology) or equivalent coursework at an another college
  2. BIOL 230 (Human Anatomy) and BIOL 235 (Human Physiology) or equivalent coursework at an another college
  3. CHEM 100 (Fundamentals of Chemistry) and CHEM 100L (Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab) or CHEM 152 (Introduction to General Chemistry) and CHEM 152L (Introduction to General Chemistry Lab) or equivalent coursework at an another college
  4. CHEM 130 (Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry) and CHEM 130L (Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Lab) or equivalent coursework at an another college

Students also need other academic coursework equivalent to an Associate Degree from a two year college. This coursework does not need to be completed prior to entering the MLTT program, but will be needed for the California licensure. For more information about the program, please consult the student handbook.

What are the admissions requirements for the MLTT program?

Students wishing to take the Medical Laboratory Technician Training program classes must have successfully passed all of the prerequisite classes at San Diego Miramar College or the equivalent classes at other institutions of higher education. Students seeking course equivalency from other institutions should visit a Miramar College counselor.

For those who have completed the prerequisites, admission into the MLTT Program is by lottery. We urge all prospective students to attend an info session if one is available to make sure the program is a good fit for you. You must file an application by July 1st for the Fall semester, or October 1st for the Spring semester. You must re-file for each semester. The application is to check recency of prerequisites. Completed applications that meet the requirements will be put in a lottery to determine which applicants will start that semester.

What courses are needed for the MLT program?

Below is the proposed sequence of coursework needed to complete an associate degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.

Course Number Course Name Units
MLTT 201 Clinical Chemistry and Urinalysis 4
MLTT 202 Clinical Hematology and Immunology 4
MLTT 203 Clinical Microbiology 4
MLTT 51 Directed Clinical Practice in Clinical Chemistry 2
MLTT 52 Directed Clinical Practice in Clinical Hematology/Urinalysis/Coagulation 2
MLTT 53 Directed Clinical Practice in Clinical Immunology and Immunohematology 2
MLTT 54 Directed Clinical Practice in Clinical Microbiology 2

For more information about the program, please consult the student handbook.

Certificate of Achievement:

Certificate of Achievement in Medical Laboratory Technology


Associate in Science in Medical Laboratory Technology