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At the REC we strive to increase accessibility of resources in the innovation ecosystem thereby increasing opportunities for underrepresented portions of the population, so that students from diverse backgrounds are able to launch startups and become wealthy, thereby disrupting cycles of poverty and wealth inequality. 


All people should have access to cutting-edge technology, the latest tools, and a broad and diverse network of industry experts to support them in their entrepreneurial dreams!  The REC is proud to provide these resources to founders from all backgrounds so they can follow their passion and find innovative approaches to turn ideas into impactful startups that solve the big problems in the world!


Add codes will be shared with the student after the application is completed. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, all meetings and events will be offered in a virtual format.


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Meet the Teams!


A Group of Teens Are Using Cutting-Edge VR Technology to Help Nervous New Drivers During COVID -19

In a time of social distancing and face masks, how is any new driver supposed to learn how to drive without putting their health at risk? The current resources we have for learning how to drive have not been able to meet these standards. That is where VirtuRoad comes into play. Looking for a way to face the fears of taking her driving test, our CEO, Rhea Chhabra, came up with the idea of VirtuRoad -- a VR driving simulator for new drivers to practice their skills before going on the road. Our product enables any new driver to practice driving at ease while gaining fundamental skills with the help of instruction and lessons. Users can practice in a real-life location, but from the comfort and safety of their own home using the latest technology. Inspired by COVID-19, our mission is to ensure all new drivers have a way to practice driving, without risking their wellbeing. As our motto explains, “Be safe, and be confident.” Check us out at or our LinkedIn and our promo video

Contact Jatin Nahar (Founder Advisor): Phone: 858-472-2892 or rest of the team Sara/Khushi@


College Students Provide 1-1 Technology Training & Support for Older Adults & Seniors

Seniors already face many challenges but the increased risks from COVID for people 60+ have magnified these issues. Technology is one of the most effective solutions to many of these challenges, but 77% of seniors indicate that they would need assistance in learning a new technology (AARP).  The pandemic has accelerated the need for older adults & seniors to adopt technology like Zoom to stay connected with loves ones or AmazonFresh to get groceries delivered without risking infection.

A group of college students from the SDSU Lavin Entrepreneurship Program, ZIP Launchpad, and REC Innovation Lab, is taking on this problem with their business TekMate. Through TekMate, older adults & seniors can sign up for a one-on-one support session with tech-savvy college students for training & support with video chat, delivery services, digital security/privacy, and more.

The TekMate team is on a mission to empower people to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives through technology. Join them in bridging the digital divide.

To see their success with customers you can watch their Customer Spotlight here: To learn more about TekMate you can visit their website, email, or call (619) 320-5415

Cloud Club Collective

Daydreamer Partners with Local Band During the Pandemic Shutdown to Creates a Soundtrack to your Imagination

Cloud Club Collective provides purposeful daydreaming sessions to increase wellness and develop creative potential by harnessing the mind’s super power: our limitless imagination.

With live music performances suspended indefinitely, Back to the Garden band members leveraged time to collaborate remotely with each other and with Cloud Club Collective to remix existing music and create voice-over recordings for purposeful daydreaming session audio guides. New music was recorded while safely socially-distanced and will soon be released on Cloud Club Collective’s website and Youtube channel.

The Regional Entrepreneurship Center at Miramar Community College is an incubator for student startups, including Cloud Club Collective, committed to reversing the negative stigma around daydreaming and helping people realize its natural benefits by producing audio guides for purposeful daydreaming sessions.

In the midst of a pandemic, this natural collaboration between a startup and a local band inspires everyone to become daydream believers and imagine a more hopeful future. 


Paula Intravaia, Cofounder and Managing Partner, Cloud Club Collective | |+1(858) 922 7932 |

All Source Events

As San Diego Events Are Left in The Dark Due To COVID-19, Entrepreneur Billie Guinto Saw the Opportunity to Put Local Event Planners in The Spotlight

Billie partnered with the REC Innovation Lab and local event planners to create All Source Events (ASE) to assist in the event-planning process. During quarantine, the All Source Events team worked tirelessly to create a platform geared specifically for social event planners.

Billie knew that the quarantine could not last forever, but she also knew that event planners were going to come out of this shutdown damaged financially, emotionally, and in need of a better process for managing events.  She made the most of a bad situation and has created an innovative platform to help event planners get back to the business of bringing joy and happiness to others!

Contact founder and CEO of All Source Events at; 619-908-2855 or the team at


Teen Entrepreneurs Create Startup to Help Nurses During Covid-19

When San Diego teens learned about how stressed and overworked nurses are during COVID-19, they knew they had to help. Nurses are struggling to meet the needs of their patients, doctors, and other medical staff with reduced efficiency. This fatigue can lead to accidental errors, which can have several disastrous effects. To solve these problems, this team created Med-Alert, a task delegation app for tablets that lets nurses create and delegate tasks in real-time and on-the-go. This product is designed to help nurses increase their efficiency, decrease errors, and provide faster service with less fatigue.

Contact Keala Minna-Choe and the rest of the team at or Rohan at +1(858) 397-8276.


When will spa professionals catch a break?

After Governor Newsom ordering the second shut down, beauty professionals forced outdoors, and approximately hundreds of thousands of spa owners closing their locations when will spa professional catch a break? Completely out of work, unable to apply for unemployment, and maneuvering in a physical contact industry in a no contact post- COVID19 world what are their options in for financial gain in the beauty industry? What should they do with their spas? What about Estheticians in school? How do you create virtual options in a physical service industry?

Karen Flagg, Esthetician, former spa owner (lost in COVID), and founder of Vidovy, an esthetician-exclusive social platform that creates jobs by empowering everyday estheticians to teach, learn, and network through each other for the betterment of the skincare industry can speak out on what aesthetic gig workers in the beauty industry are struggling with during this pandemic and the virtual solutions that can be implemented to help this suffering industry.

View how we vow to be a part of the solution through Vidovy’s promotional video, LinkedIn, or contact us directly at  or Karen at 760-522-2836.

Off Grid Charger

San Diego Teens use Quarantine to Build Off Grid Charger to Stay Connected while Isolated

San Diego, CA - COVID-19 left many with nothing to do except worry. Four young entrepreneurs - Elan Ilfeld, Raj Pabari, Zachary Banner, and Shreyas Rangan - took this lockdown to launch a new business, Off Grid Technologies, to provide reliable charging while away from the power grid. Innovating where solar bricks and battery packs have failed, the team has created a versatile portable charger that combines four different charging methods - a water wheel, solar panel, wall/car input, and hand crank - for reliable charging anytime, anywhere.

These socially conscious high schoolers will also give 10% of their profits towards donating their chargers to communities in need. The Off Grid Charger allows people to stay socially distant when camping or backpacking while keeping their devices charged with clean energy to stay connected with the outside world. Off Grid Technologies has competed at both local and global pitch competitions, winning multiple awards. Keep up with them at and contact our mentor Edg at +1(650)224-0869


Students are mitigating food waste by bridging the gap between food businesses that have surplus towards the end of their business day and budget aware consumers.

Reach out to the Till team at or


Isaac Javed


Bridge simplifies the exchange of contact information and social media accounts through QR and NFC technology without needing to search for usernames or adding phone numbers.


Adrian Armenta


genesis is a wildlife-inspired streetwear company. We were created to address the wildlife epidemic. A portion of every one of our sales provides back to animal conservation through our network of non-profit organizations that endorse our same mission.



Marc C.J. Bumatay

Neighborly is a mobile app that enables users to find farmers' markets and flea markets in their area as well as support local vendors and their goods



James Hendeson, Zara Wehrung, James Henderson, Lisa Schloss,,


RadLocals is the first all in one brewery and bar tour experience. Through our preferences and matching algorithm we do all the hard work of finding a brewery or bar that you'll love! Connect with our community of beer enthusiast and find the hidden gems of your city. You’ll be able to see how each place matches with your desires and also view all the RAD events going on at each place!


Sage Precision Security Services          


Heaven Garey and Brittani Hooper-Garey ,


Sage Precision is an executive protection company dedicated to providing unparalleled security services to women worldwide.


Karina Rivera


Our company will bring transparency within the medical field to decrease elder abuse within our baby boomer generation have minimal to no mobility by using a SaaS and app platform that integrates 3-way syncing from medical facility to patient, patient to loved ones.

Sports Recruiting 365   


John Gould



Providing a webapp for student-athletes to create an in-depth player profile to give them an opportunity to get recognized and recruited. We also, give colleges a bigger pool of players to recruit from.

Street Eatz Food Truck Locater 

D'Anthony Early Riley, Melvin Cole,,

Street Eatz is a fully interactive food truck, street food vendor, and pop up locator application. Our application allows customers to interact with vendors in real time.

The Commons XR        

Ray Freiwirth


The Commons XR ("TCXR") is creating a new educational system specifically designed to conduct and administer portions of classes in VR, enabling educators real-time observations of how well their students are engaging in a lesson, identifying at risk students while maintaining student data securely, thereby having the ability to improve retention numbers and revenue flow to higher education institutions.


Anastasia Ray & Haley Hernandez


We are health advocates for individuals, organizations, and providers, giving them simple health strategies from the palm of their hand, at home or work, and while training for their next event, create a new model for delivering and receiving health, where healthiness begins with the practitioner, practicing what they teach to clients.


Brennan Pearson         Https://


We contract with colleges and universities to provide independent and unbiased virtual advising for students who have been accused of misconduct.


REC Resources Available

The goal of the REC is to provide accessible resources to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds so they can follow their passions and turn ideas into startups that use technology and innovative approaches to solve problems and make an impact in the world!
At the REC we remove barriers to success and provide entrepreneurs with support including: mentorship, workshops to develop skills, opportunities to expand networks, and access to resources.  Our 16-week intensive program takes teams from the back of the napkin to the front of angel investors and students learn how to turn their passion into a paycheck, and create startups that are truly impactful in the lives of customers.
The REC never takes equity and does not charge a monthly fee.  All are welcome to sign up for our classes, workshops, speaker series, and events.  Existing business owners are invited to use our free services offered in partnership with the SBDC and receive one-on-one guidance to manage and grow their operations.

Resources Include:

· We pair each startup with Coders/Developers from local code schools to help with app or website creation

· We pair you with mentors who are subject-matter experts in the San Diego Innovation Ecosystem including CEO's, Founders, Angel Investors, and Experienced Entrepreneurs

· Individual legal consultations with attorneys from New Media Rights, LLC 

· Winners of REC pitch competition will receive entry fee, preparation and coaching for 2021 Angel Investors Conference where over $200K will be invested

· A brand management campaign and startup logo is created with the help of graphic design students

· Workshops on app development, website design, customer interviews, legal structures, crowdfunding, networking, LinkedIn for entrepreneurs, and many more

· Access to exclusive scholarships, grants, prizes

· After program completion entrepreneurs will earn induction certificate, and three (3) units transferable course credits

· Branded cords and stole for students earning a degree or certificate

· Innovation Showcase where teams will present to industry experts, CEO’s and founders of high-growth startups, other experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and angel investors

·  One-on-one meetings with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

·  Professional videos created for you by Mike Clark, We Are Kingdom Productions