Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Chair Requirements

Co-Chairs: Any Faculty Member & any Administrator as designated by the College President—Recommendation, Faculty co-Chair elected by Committee—Three Years

Chair Election – Recommendation, Faculty co-Chair elected by Committee Chair Term – Three Years

Committee Composition

Administrators (4) Classified Staff (6) Faculty (8) Students (1)
VPI Instructional Services Representative. (1) Student Services Representative. (1) Representative
VPSS Administrative Services Representative. (1) School of MBEPS (1)
VPA Public Information Officer School of Liberal Arts (1)
Dean of PRIELT Student Services Representative. (1) School of Public Safety (1)
Representatives (2) School of BTCWI (1)
School of PRILET, Library Faculty (1)
Representatives At Large (2)


Steering Committee: VPI, VPSS, VPA, Research subcommittee chair; Budget & Resource Development subcommittee faculty co-chair; faculty and administrative co-chairs of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee; Classified Senate representative

* Faculty representation shall include at least one person from the Student Services division, one from each of the five Schools, plus two representatives at large. Faculty representation will also include the faculty co-chair of the Budget & Resource Development Subcommittee and the Chair of the Research Subcommittee, if that person is a faculty member.

Committee Goals

To ensure that the college integrated planning process is in alignment with the college mission,accreditation standards, and compliance with applicable Federal, State, and local requirements.

Committee Procedures

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee will:

  1. Coordinate, evaluate, and update the College Integrated Planning Process.
  2. Review and update the planning calendar and work flow diagram of the College Annual Planning Cycle.
  3. Provide leadership for the review of the College Master and Operational Plans and facilitate revisions and updates.
  4. Regularly assess the College strategic plan.
  5. Recommend revisions of the College Mission and Vision Statements congruent with analysis of the Strategic Plan assessment results.
  6. Ensure that the Outcomes and Assessment process is aligned with the College Integrated Planning Process to facilitate student success

Committee will meet no less than once per month. The steering committee will meet additionally as needed.