CIA & New Governance Information

Submitted by rmartine on Fri, 03/06/2020 - 3:11 pm

Under the direction of Chancellor Carroll, in May 2018 a group of Collegiality in Action (CIA) facilitators were invited to assess the campus climate and our participatory governance structure and processes. Over the course of several months a team of over 30 faculty, classified professionals, students and managers worked with external facilitators to evaluate the structure and processes of the existing framework and have made recommendations to clarify and strengthen our participatory governance structure. These recommendations are contained in the first draft of a new College Governance Handbook (as of February 26, 2020).

The College Governance Committee has reviewed the recommendations and recently released the draft handbook and a “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) document for campus-wide dissemination. We invite you to review these materials and discuss with your colleagues, departments, and committees in order to provide feedback. We will collect, evaluate and incorporate feedback over the next few weeks.

To help us gather your feedback, please fill out the form below. The draft College Governance Handbook and FAQ are available in the Important Documents section of this page.