Honors Transfer Agreements

For information about the Honors transfer agreements, contact Kirk Webley or Naomi Grisham.

TAP: Priority admission & scholarships for students with 15 units of honors credit and minimum 3.5 overall GPA. Renewable scholarships of $4,000 available. Impacted majors require a higher GPA.
UC Irvine:
Priority admission & scholarships, priority admission for the UCI Honors Program (requires a 3.7 GPA), guaranteed on-campus housing, and free access to academic, cultural and athletic events at UCI.
UC San Diego:
Honors Transfer Agreement (TAG), research opportunities, research & cultural events
UC Santa Cruz:
Patterned after UCLA TAP; guaranteed on-campus housing for the first year of attendance. Impacted majors require a more competitive GPA.
UC Riverside:
SDCCD Transfer Admission Guarantee program, priority Admission, free admission to academic, cultural and athletic events.
UC Berkeley:
Consideration of honors work for admission
Priority admission to the Honors Program, which offers priority enrollment, pre-transfer advising and counseling, assistance with scholarships, and much more.
Cal State Fullerton:
Guarantees admission into the Honors Program for Honors students with a 3.5 GPA and minimum 12 honors units. Priority registration, exclusive study center, and more.
CSU Long Beach:
Honors to Honors admission, priority registration, open invitation to cultural events.
San Francisco State University, CSU Dominguez Hills, and CSU Stanislaus:
Recently entered into agreements which afford SDCCD Honors Students scholarships, priority enrollment, acceptance into their Honors Programs, and other valuable benefits. See your honors counselor for details.