Honors Transfer Agreements

For information about the Honors transfer agreements, contact Kirk Webley or Naomi Grisham.

TAP: Priority admission & scholarships for students with 15 units of honors credit and minimum 3.5 overall GPA. Renewable scholarships of $4,000 available. Impacted majors require a higher GPA.
UC Irvine:
Priority admission & scholarships, priority admission for the UCI Honors Program (requires a 3.5 GPA), guaranteed on-campus housing, and free access to academic, cultural and athletic events at UCI.
UC San Diego
Honors Transfer Agreement (TAG), research opportunities, research & cultural events
UC Santa Cruz
Patterned after UCLA TAP; guaranteed on-campus housing for the first year of attendance. Impacted majors require a more competitive GPA.
UC Riverside
SDCCD Transfer Admission Guarantee program, priority Admission, free admission to academic, cultural and athletic events.
UC Berkeley
Consideration of honors work for admission
Priority admission to the Honors Program, which offers priority enrollment, pre-transfer advising and counseling, assistance with scholarships, and much more.
Cal State Fullerton
Guarantees admission into the Honors Program for Honors students with a 3.5 GPA and minimum 12 honors units. Priority registration, exclusive study center, and more.
CSU Long Beach
Honors to Honors admission, priority registration, open invitation to cultural events.
San Francisco State University, CSU Dominguez Hills, and CSU Stanislaus
Recently entered into agreements which afford SDCCD Honors Students scholarships, priority enrollment, acceptance into their Honors Programs, and other valuable benefits. See your honors counselor for details.

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