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Admission Requirements:

You may apply for admission if any of the following apply to you...

  • Have graduated from high school
  • Have passed the California High School Proficiency Exam
  • Did not graduate from high school, but have attained a Certificate of Completion
  • Have passed the GED exam with an average score of 450 or higher.
  • Did not graduate from high school, but are 18 years of age or older, or an emancipated minor (may be admitted under a provisional admission status)
  • Are an international student who has satisfied the international student admissions requirements (View the International Students page for application for admission and details. )
  • Are a high school student who has satisfied the concurrent enrollment admissions requirements

Download the Supplemental Application form:

High school students requesting concurrent enrollment may be admitted as "Special Part-Time" High School Students subject to the following criteria:

  1. Students must have completed the 10th grade.
  2. A student may take a maximum of one course per semester or session. This maximum includes classes at City, Mesa, Miramar Colleges and ECC (excludes High School Honors classes).
  3. High school students must satisfy course prerequisites and eligibility requirements. Proof required – contact the college Admissions Office for information.
  4. Enrollment in Physical Education classes will not be permitted.
  5. The course must be advanced scholastic or technical (college degree applicable). Contact the college Admissions Office for information.
  6. Students will be given college credit for all courses. Grades will be part of the student's permanent college record.


All new students must file an Application for Admission online.

Students who have not attended for one year must file a new Application for Admission.


Download the Quick Guide to Admission & Registration:

Spring 2019 Quick Guide to Admission & Registration


Do you have a Picture ID?

Picture CSID cards will be issued to new and returning students who have not received a CSID card (at no charge) in the college Admissions Office upon verification of enrollment and payment of fees.

Continuing students who have not previously had their picture taken must do so in the college Admissions Office to receive a picture CSID card.




Are You A California Resident or Nonresident?

This information will help you determine if you are a California resident for purposes of attending a California community college.

Residents of California are entitled to attend a community college by paying the community college enrollment fee. California residents pay $46 per unit.