Honors Transfer Agreements

For information about the Honors transfer agreements, contact Kirk Webley.

The Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) provides priority admission consideration for admissions to majors in the College of Letters and Sciences.  Students with 15 units of honors credit and minimum GPA of 3.25 in UC transferable coursework will be certified by Miramar College.  Renewable scholarships of $4,000 available. Impacted majors require a higher GPA.
UC Irvine:
Eligible students are granted early admissions to the University of California, Irvine (not necessarily to their first choice of major) and guaranteed admissions to the prestigious Campuswide Honors Program.  Students also receive priority consideration for a special set of merit-based scholarships.  Students who complete the Miramar Honors Program requirements and attain a UC transferable GPA of 3.7 or higher are eligible for Honors to Honors transfer.  TAP certification is required after admissions application has been submitted.  
UC San Diego:
The Honors Program is recommended for those students interested in pursuing graduate studies and is a particularly effective preparation for professional careers.  Admissions to the Honors Program is based on the students program of study and GPA after transfer.   
UC Santa Cruz:
Patterned after UCLA TAP; guaranteed on-campus housing for the first year of attendance. Impacted majors require a more competitive GPA.
UC Riverside:
Admissions to University Honors is depended on grade point average, application essay, demonstrated leadership, and academic integrity.  The Faculty Admissions Committee reviews all applications for critical thinking and writing skills.  Excellent transfer student records should include, scholarship awards, leadership, community involvement, and an interest in pursuit of undergraduate research or creative activity.  Cumulative GPA requirement is 3.5.  
UC Berkeley:
Honors in the Major.  Each major has an honors policy and program.  Most programs require transfer students to have completed minimum 12-units or 1 semester at UC Berkeley to be eligible for the Honors Program.  GPA eligibility can range from 3.6 or higher depending on major.  
Students should consider applying to Weber Honors College if they are stimulated by ideas, skeptical of definitive answers or of easy solutions, and is pursuing an education, not just a degree.  Admissions to the program is through a competitive application process which is separate from the college admissions process.  Application for priority consideration is required for admission to the Honors Program.  Deadline for Fall transfers are usually in January, prior to being accepted into the university.  Average GPA for transfer students entering the program is 3.75.
Cal State Fullerton:
Transfer students who have been admitted to Cal State Fullerton, and have participated in an Honors Program from the institution they are transferring may apply to the University Honors Program if they have: 1) achieved a CSU transferable GPA of 3.5 at the time of enrollment; 2) completed a minimum of 9 - 12 transferable units in Honors; 3) complete a written application, including essays for the Honors Program; and 4) provide Two letters of reference.  Automatic Admissions is available for qualified transfer students with CSU GPA of 3.6 or higher from a California Honors Transfer Council Institution.  Students with automatic admissions will just need to fill out the application and include transcripts.
CSU Long Beach:
Honors to Honors admission, priority registration, open invitation to cultural events.
San Francisco State University, CSU Dominguez Hills, and CSU Stanislaus:
Recently entered into agreements which afford SDCCD Honors Students scholarships, priority enrollment, acceptance into their Honors Programs, and other valuable benefits. See your honors counselor for details.