2019 Commencement Information


Miramar College will host Commencement on Friday, May 17, 2019 inside Hourglass Fieldhouse. The ceremony will begin at 1pm and conclude by 3pm.

Students have until April 30th to petition for Spring Graduation and to sign up to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. The Petition to Graduate can be found at the following link: https://www.sdccd.edu/docs/StudentServices/Petition%20for%20Graduation.pdf.

A list of the Steps to Graduate can be found here: http://www.sdmiramar.edu/campus/graduation/steps-to-graduate.

The College is going to live-streaming the event on the web so that family and friends can watch the ceremony from wherever they are. This should be a great benefit for students who have military family who are deployed, family who are overseas or out of state, or family members who simply cannot make it to campus on the day of the event.  In relation to the live-stream, we will also be providing an alternate viewing location on campus on the day of Commencement so that family members can watch the ceremony in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Check back here for a link to the live stream and for any other updated Commencement information. 

Check-In for Student Participants: Students participating in the Ceremony need to check-in promptly at 11:00 am in K1-107 (located by the information desk in the K1 Building). At this time the specific details about the logistics of the ceremony will be shared with the students participating. Cap and Gowns (Regalia): Caps and gowns will be available for purchase from the Bookstore beginning April 8, 2019. Bookstore hours are 9am–6:30pm Monday–Thursday, 9am–12:00pm on Friday, or call (858) 536-7866 or (619) 388-7866. Regalia may also be purchased online at the College Bookstore and graduate announcements at www.CBgrad.com.

Guest Information: Seating will take place immediately upon arrival. Seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If family members and friends choose to sit next to each other, they must arrive together. Guests will not be able to reserve seats. Please note that Balloons, strollers and noise makers will not be allowed in the Gymnasium. This is to facilitate viewing for all attendees.  For guests needing a more relaxed atmospheres (comfortable seats, air conditioning and room for strollers), please join us in L-105 for the live-streaming of the event. 

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