Recent Data Reveals Miramar College Grew Enrollment by 32% Over 5 Year Period

In 2016-2017, California community colleges began to witness a decline in enrollment. However, San Diego Miramar College has been able to “buck that trend” and continue to outpace most of California’s community colleges in terms of enrollment growth. Recent data released by the San Diego Community College District Information System showed that Miramar College grew its Full- Time Equivalent Student (FTES) enrollment by 32.6% over a 5-year period beginning in Fall 2013 and ending with the conclusion of the spring 2018 semester. Miramar College saw its greatest enrollment growth of 8.9% over a two year period from 2016-2017 through 2017-2018. Miramar College is the only college in the San Diego Community College District to enjoy positive FTES enrollment growth over that same period. As a result of Miramar’s stellar growth, the District, as a whole, has grown by 5.7% since fall of 2013.

“Our recent growth is due to a number of factors, but first and foremost, it started with developing a planning framework based on student experience at the College with a focus on  student success,” said Dr. Patricia Hsieh, president of San Diego Miramar College. “And of course, you can’t execute such a planning framework without the great support and dedication of all the hard working faculty, staff and administrators who work tirelessly in the name of student success.”

Miramar College is projected to reach 10,000 FTES at the end of 2017-2018 as a result of an accelerated growth strategy that will move Miramar College to a medium size college. 

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