Check In/Out

The AV Department primarily serves the instructional media needs of the faculty, staff, administrators, and the ASC (Associated Student Council) of Miramar College. Students may NOT check out equipment. However, a student may pick up equipment that has been reserved by their instructor. Students picking up equipment for their instructor must leave a current photo ID and with a dated note from their instructor. Safely returning equipment is the instructor’s responsibility.


Departments are liable for damages and repairs incurred on equipment white it is checked out. Adjunct faculty must renew their employment validation sticker each December. Associated Student Council members must have approval from their Dean before requesting any AV equipment or event setup.


All requests require a current SDCCD Identification card and must be submitted by form with original signature. To request equipment, complete the AV request form (available under "IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS" of this page or at the AV Department, L building) a minimum 3 days in advance of the date needed. Forms can be faxed (619) 388-7314, emailed, hand delivered to the AV Department L-111, or placed in the LRC/AV inbox at the mailroom.


         Reservations must be received at least three days prior to classroom use. Upon presentation of a current SDCCD identification card, the AV Department will check out reserved equipment. Equipment is issued on a first-come first-serve basis. AV does NOT take phone reservations, so please submit your request forms early. The majority of the equipment available is for one day checkout only; meaning they must be returned on the same day. Overnight/Long-term checkouts must be approved by Department Dean and/or Supervisor. Equipment is picked up at the AV Department (L-111).

The following forms may be downloaded in the "Important Documents" section of this page.

  • AV Equipment Single-Use Checkout Form. For one-time, one-day checkout.
  • AV Equipment Continuous Daily-Use Checkout Form. For scheduled on-going check out throughout the semester. Please note all equipment must be returned in the same day at the specific return time scheduled to be available for others.


Return AV equipment to the AV Department (L-111) using the side entrance, unless directed otherwise or if prior arrangements have been made. Make sure all AV equipment parts are returned (i.e., remote controls, adapters, cords, etc.) For any reason you are unable to return the equipment to the AV Department or if the AV Department is closed, you may return AV to the Campus Police, Room T-100 (619) 388-7353. If there is no one at the door, press the button on their call box and wait for them to arrive.