Faculty Services

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Bibliographic Instruction

Formal Library orientation classes are taught by librarians on a first-come, first-served reservation basis. Instructors interested in having a presentation done for their class should schedule it at least one week in advance. Contact the Instruction Librarian to make arrangements. A Library Orientation Request Form is available online or at the Circulation Desk.

In addition to the more formal, scheduled class presentations, the Library conducts a series of informal, 30-minute Library Workshops throughout the year. Students are invited to drop in and attend any workshops that might be on a topic of interest.


Reserve Desk


The Library's Reserves collection (located behind the Circulation counter) offers students an extensive array of textbooks for courses currently being taught at Miramar College. Instructors who wish to place items on Reserve should fill out a Course Reserve Request Form and turn it in to the staff at the Circulation Desk. Processing may take a day or two until the materials are available for student use. Contact Cattleya Parnsoonthorn at (619) 388-7618 for further information.

Search our online Course Reserves Lookup to see a listing of titles available in our Reserves collection.


Suggestions for Purchase

Faculty recommendations for additions or deletions to our collection will help keep the Library current, vital, and responsive to the college's curriculum changes.

To help develop our ever-expanding collection, faculty can recommend that the Library:

  • Purchase books/DVDs on subjects that the Library needs more information
  • Purchase specific titles that support your instructional programs
  • Discard specific titles that are dated or obsolete

Each librarian has been assigned a specific subject area to develop. See our Library Staff directory to contact the person responsible for the collection in your subject area.


Open Educational Resources

The Library supports and encourages the use of open educational resources (OER) to facilitate instruction at Miramar College. Thousands of open access titles can be found in the Library Catalog. For additional information about open educational resources, see our OER Getting Started guide.