School of Mathematics, Biological Exercise Physical Science



Mathematics is the study of numbers, structures, and associated relationships using rigorously defined literal, numerical, and operations symbols. The mathematics curriculum includes courses that range from basic skills through differential equations. The basic skills and associate degree level courses provide students with the mathematical preparation necessary for study in other disciplines, as well as for degree and transfer requirements.

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science program provides a strong science-based foundation to effectively prepare students to transfer to a four-year university in a health, fitness, or nutrition-related discipline. With an emphasis on empowering and educating individuals to improve their overall health and well-being through physical activity and healthful nutrition, this program offers flexible course selection and multiple degree options designed to prepare students for a variety of career paths.


The Chemistry program fosters an understanding of the fundamental principles of chemistry in a variety of applications - medicine, healthcare products, energy, food production, body metabolism, structural materials, microelectronics, and the environment. Students learn how chemical knowledge is derived, theorized, and applied in solving problems in everyday life. Students perform experiments in a modern chemistry laboratory under the guidance of experienced faculty.


The Biology program prepares students who are transferring to four year institutions to earn baccalaureate degrees in a wide array of majors in the biological sciences. The program curriculum focuses on the fundamental biological themes and processes of cellular, molecular, and organismal biology, the chemical foundation of life, physics, math, and general education.

Biology/Allied Health

The Allied Health program prepares students and satisfies prerequisites for those entering nursing programs as well as allied health professions such as physical therapist, dental hygienist, medical technician, physician’s assistant, and optometrist. This program includes core courses in Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology and Chemistry.