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General Information


The University of Redlands School of Business serves professionals seeking career advancement, networking, and entrepreneurial opportunities. The San Diego campus is located in Mission Valley.


The University of Redlands main campus is an independent nonprofit liberal arts college located in Redlands, CA. 



Recommended Transfer Coursework


o  General Education: Complete courses listed on the University of Redlands School of Business General Education articulation agreement.

o  Preparation for Major: Complete courses listed on the agreement for your intended major:

      BS in Business

      BA in Management


How to Apply and Transfer


o  Review admission information on the admission process webpage.


 o  Complete and submit the undergraduate admission application.


 o  Follow instructions from the university for submitting official transcripts and other documents and information prior to transfer. Visit the admissions webpage for more information.



Top Tips for Transfers


o  See a counselor as soon as possible to develop a transfer education plan.


 o  Most Miramar students are eligible for tuition discounts and catalog rights through the Miramar-University of Redlands School of Business Memorandum of Understanding

 o  Register as a prospective transfer student for campus updates and more information. 


All information on this page is subject to change without notice. Students are advised to consult with a Miramar College counselor each semester for current transfer information.


This page was last updated on 6/11/14





Main campus (Redlands, CA) website


Articulation agreement

Main campus (Redlands, CA) articulation

Transfer info

Admissions webpage

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Tuition and fees

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Historical Articulation Agreements



2012-13 (home campus)




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