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Notification of Awards and Disbursement of Funds

Students who are determined eligible for financial aid will receive an award letter informing them of the amount and type of aid they will receive. Financial aid disbursement schedules and a brochure on how to keep your financial aid will be included with the award letter. Student awards may consist of a combination of Federal Pell, Federal SEOG, Cal Grant B or C, Federal Work-Study and Federal Direct Student Loans.

Your enrollment status will be frozen at its highest level each semester after the add/drop period and will be the basis for your Pell and Cal Grant payment. Your Pell and Cal Grant payment will not be adjusted for any additional units added after this period during the semester. You must maintain a half-time enrollment status in order to receive your FSEOG award. Federal Direct Loan funds are paid in two disbursements during the loan period. Federal regulations require that first-time borrowers will have their loan disbursed thirty days after the first day of class. Federal Work Study funds are earned through hourly wages and paychecks are mailed to the student on the 10th of each month following the month that the hours were reported.

Financial aid checks are usually ready for disbursement approximately four weeks after the start of classes. An automated system is available in the College Bookstore to allow students to use a portion of their Pell Grant to purchase books and supplies one week prior to the start of the semester and until the funds are exhausted. The amount in this special account varies each day according to the student's enrollment status. Students who are enrolled in less than half-time status will not be able to use the bookstore account. The account is valid at the City, Mesa, Miramar Colleges and ECC Bookstores, regardless of where the student is taking classes.

New Federal regulations require that if you receive a grant and withdraw from all your classes, you will owe money back to the Federal programs. Note: If you withdraw after 60% of your attendance, you do not owe a refund.

In order to receive financial aid disbursements in a timely manner, please be sure that your correct address is in our computer system at least a week prior to the disbursement date. Please notify the Admissions Office of changes of address as soon as possible. Checks will not be forwarded to your new address and will be returned by the U.S. Post Office to the District Accounting Office approximately ten days after they are mailed.


The above Information is subject to change as required by new Federal, State or institutional policies and regulations.

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