DSPS Courses

DSPS 20—Introduction to Accessible Computers 1 unit (Online)
This course introduces students with disabilities to accessible computer programs and equipment. The course provides an overview of software and hardware resources that allow disabled students to compete in educational and business settings. This course may be taken three times for credit.
DSPS 21—Accessible Computing Lab .50 unit- 2.0 units (HTC lab)
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9am–1pm
  • Wednesday: 10am–2pm
  • Thursday: 12–4pm
  • Friday: Closed
This course is offered for students who benefit from adaptive computer access. The course modules teach students how to use the necessary adaptive hardware or software needed to access the computer. Training in all modules is individualized. Students also have the option of completing only those sections of the modules that are relevant to the goals on their Student Educational Contract (SEC). Credit for the course does not apply to the associate degree.
DSPS 40—Individual Assessment and Educational Planning .50 unit
This course is designed to facilitate students' awareness of individual learning aptitude as compared to measured achievement. Standardized achievement and aptitude assessment instruments are individually administered during the course in accordance with California Community College Learning Disabilities Eligibility Model to document a learning profile related to community college academic demands. Related academic study strategies and possible learning disability accommodations are addressed when appropriate.

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