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Counseling Faculty & Staff

Title Phone Room
Rick Cassar Counselor/Professor 619-388-7554 K1-203G
Lisa Clarke Counselor/Professor 619-388-7563 K1-203H
Isabella Feldman Counselor 619-388-7375 K-203
Kevin Gallagher Counselor/Asst. Professor 619-388-7038 K1-203Q
Francesca Heasty Student Services Assistant 619.388.7557 K1-203
Marc Hollman Counselor/Assoc Prof 619-388-7561 K-203
Mark Hollman Counselor/Professor 619-388-7561 K1-203M
Patricia Martinez-Parker Counselor 619-388-7840 K1-203J
Martin Moss Counselor/Professor 619-388-7565 K-203
Phyllis Muitta Student Services Assistant 619-388-7558 K1-203
Erica Murrietta Counselor/Professor 619-388-7562 K-203
David Navarro Counselor/Professor 619-388-7560 K-203
Alice Nelson Student Srvs Supervisor I 619-388-7559 K-203
Judy Patacsil Counselor/Professor 619-388-7564 C-302
Kirk Webley Counselor/Professor 619-388-7553 K-203

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