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Children's Curriculum


Special Themes

Our curriculum covers a special theme each month. Daily lesson plans reinforce these themes through a variety of structured and unstructured activities. These themes are highlighted during group times. Once introduced, themes are integrated into the program throughout the year.


Collaborative Learning Themes

As part of our ongoing curriculum, some themes may develop from the ideas and interests of children and the families in a classroom. These collaborative themes may be a focus of a project that may last for an extended period of time to meet the individual needs of the children.


General Themes


Fall Semester Curriculum

August & September
  1. Getting acquainted with school
  2. Making new friends
  3. Self-esteem
  4. Recognizing that every child has different needs
  5. Computer basics
  6. Introduction to Collaborative Learning Themes
  1. Colors
  2. Shapes
  3. Numbers
  4. Street Safety and Home Safety
  5. Letters and Sound Recognition
  6. Autumn Themes
  1. Health and Nutrition
  2. Thanksgiving
  1. Winter Themes
  2. Astronomy

Spring Semester Curriculum

  1. Getting acquainted with school
  2. Making new friends
  3. Self-esteem
  4. Colors
  5. Shapes
  6. Letters and Sound Recognition
  7. Numbers
  8. Botany
  9. Introduction to Collaborative Learning Themes
  1. Geology
  2. Animals
  3. Ecology
  1. Community Helpers
  2. Transportation
  3. Communication
  1. Family
  2. Self-Awareness

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