Applying & Fees

Application Requirements

  • Enrollment in this Center is limited to the children of parents attending day classes at Miramar College. The parent must be participating in vocational training leading directly to a recognized trade, paraprofessional or profession.
  • Parents are required to enroll in a child development lab course each semester their child attends the Center. All students must enroll in Child Development 160 or 161 which consists of a one hour lecture and three hours of lab each week. (Lab hours are by arrangement any time Monday through Friday between 8am and 1pm).
  • The child's enrollment is a separate application from student's enrollment. Enrollment in Child Development 160 or Child Development 161 DOES NOT guarantee enrollment in the Child Development Center for the child. Due to limited space, priority is given based on eligibility as defined by the Child Development Division, California State Department of Education.
  • Parents must enroll in at least six college units, in addition to the required Child Development Lab Course.
  • All children are enrolled on a semester basis.
  • All children must have a current physical and required immunizations.
  • All parents must have a current TB skin test (within the past year).


Fees are based on a sliding scale according to the family size and gross monthly income. The fees are established by the State Department of Education and the San Diego Community College District.


What Do I Need To Bring With Me When I Apply for Enrollment?

To complete your initial enrollment application you must provide us with the following pieces of information:

  1. Your child's immunization record (front and back of record)
  2. Your current proof of the family's gross monthly income such as your most current payroll stubs (bring in 4 pay stubs), a leave of earnings statement (bring in 2), or for families on public assistance, your statement (proof) of assistance (Notice of Action).
  3. Please make photocopies, as we will not be able to make photocopies for you.

When Can I Begin to Apply for Enrollment Into the Center?

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The registration period for children will be a two-week period each semester. Applications will be accepted beyond that time if space is available. Requests to enroll will be accepted ( in order of priority and date registered) according to space available for each age group, family needs (documented training verification and employment for all adults counted in family size) and class schedule. Contact the campus center for additional details.

Your chances of being accepted into the Child Development Center are always better if you apply early during the first priority enrollment application period. However, enrollment applications will still be accepted up until the second week of the each semester.
During these enrollment application periods, all applicants are "prioritized" according to the state guidelines listed below and are put on a PRIORITY WAITING LIST. Then, as vacancies occur, applicants are contacted in order of priority on the waiting list.

The priority waiting list will be maintained and we will continue to accept and prioritize enrollment applications up until the second week of the each semester. Everyone on the priority waiting list will be admitted according to the enrollment priorities and space availability.


Child Development Center Enrollment Priorities

First Priority is given to families whose children are receiving child protective services or families whose children are at risk of being neglected, abused, or exploited.

Second Priority of enrollment includes those families that do not fall into the first priority group that was discussed above. Families falling into the second priority group are admitted based on their monthly gross family income and family size. Lower income families receive priority of admission. In addition, the need for child care must also be established based on class schedule and employment verification.


How Do I Know If I've Been Accepted?

New children coming into the program will be accepted as spaces become available.


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