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Summer Science (S2) Enrichment Program
This summer program introduces kids entering 5th-8th grades to the world of science through activities that are exciting, fun-filled and educational. Guided by San Diego Miramar College science professors, several 5 day long sessions are held in the college’s state-of-the-art laboratories.
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BEST (Biotech Employment Skills Training) Workshops
Designed to enhance employability and advance skills, this popular program is offered several times a year, based on demand and availability.  Participants in the 4-day intensive get hands-on experience with ELISA, PCR and Mammalian Cell Culture and receive advice on job seeking and resume building.
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'Science Fun for Kids 9 to 99' FREE Annual Event
Since 2009 the SCBC and host San Diego Miramar College have presented ‘Science Fun for Kids 9 to 99' as part of the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering. Parents and children are shown by SD Miramar science instructors how to extract DNA from almost anything, how germs spread, how to make chemical airbags and slime, how to dissect squid and many other experiences that combine learning with fun.
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Wireless Health Training Center

The Wireless Health Training Center is hosted at SD Miramar College. Training is customized to suit the needs of industry so employees can stay current with this important change to the health industry
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Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI) for Teachers
Featured in Best Practices in Biotechnology Education by Yali Freedman (ed.), this long standing program gives teachers relevant tools to educate their students about Life Science and the Life Sciences industry
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Amgen Biotech Experience

The SCBC works with the Amgen Foundation to bring this outstanding program to high school and community college classrooms.  Individual teachers are trained in the implementation of the program and then receive continuing support and supplies FREE OF CHARGE.

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Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI) for Students

The LSSI High School Internship Program is an eight-week program, which includes one week of non-paid pre-internship training ('boot camp'), followed by a seven-week paid internship in a research lab. Through a competitive process, students may obtain an internship position at one of San Diego's world-renowned scientific research institutes


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For more information, contact:
Sandra Slivka, PhD Director, SCBC @ San Diego Miramar College
10440 Black Mountain Road San Diego, CA 92126
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The Southern California Biotechnology Center is part of the California Community Colleges “Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy” program. We support industry responsive, regional life sciences/biotechnology training programs that produce employable individuals with in-demand skills and the ability to adapt to a dynamic industry.
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