Biotechnology Education at Regional Community Colleges
Two-year associate science degrees can provide the general biology, chemistry and math background needed in biotechnology. Biotechnology Certificate programs teach the specific theory and ‘hands-on’ techniques used in biotechnology. The community colleges in the table below offer specific biotechnology courses and/or biotechnology certificate programs.

Mira Costa College BTEC 110 Basic Techniques in Biotechnology 96 BTEC 221 Bioprocessing 36  
      BTEC 201 Advanced Cell Culture 24    
      BTEC 203 DNA Amplification 12    
      BTEC 204 Recombinant DNA 12    
      BTEC 206 HPLC 12    
      BTEC 207 ELISA 12    
      BTEC 222 Bioprocessing 36    
      BTEC 230 Biofuels 12    
Mt. San Jacinto College BIOL-132 Biotechnology II 96      
San Diego City College BIOL 109 Introduction to Applied Biology 96 BIOL 206 Biotechnology Instrumentation 144  
San Diego Miramar College 132 Applied Biotechnology I 96 133 Applied Biotechnology II    
Southwestern College BIOL 229 Introduction To Biological Research I 48      
  BIOL 230 Introduction To Biological Research II 48        

For more information on the biotechnology programs available at four-year universities and schools of continuing education in San Diego, click here to visit the San Diego Biotechnology Education Consortium (SDBEC) website’s Biotechnology Programs page.


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The Southern California Biotechnology Center is part of the California Community Colleges “Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy” program. We support industry responsive, regional life sciences/biotechnology training programs that produce employable individuals with in-demand skills and the ability to adapt to a dynamic industry.
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