300-Hour Student Experiences - Yoga Program


As a full time yoga teacher, it's been years since I had the chance to be a student again. San Diego Miramar's 300 hour yoga teacher training program has allowed me to step into an advanced learning environment, without having to travel somewhere else or pay through the nose. The program is wide ranging, but practical and intense, while not being overwhelming. It was truly well-rounded in every way. My knowledge and teaching skills have improved considerably as a result of this program.

- William LeGrand - Full-Time Yoga Instructor and Studio Manager at CorePower Yoga


I recommend the 300-hour YTT program at Miramar College for yoga teachers that have been teaching, a while, and are looking to deepen their knowledge of anatomy and yoga philosophies. The program challenges you to look within as a teacher and encourages you to be open to multiple styles and philosophies. Whilst the 200-hours focuses on how to be a teacher for others, the 300-hour program focuses on how you can become a better version of yourself. The program is intensive and time consuming, but absolutely worth all the effort!

Jamileh (Gigi) Boskovich -