200-Hour Student Experiences - Yoga Program


The yoga teacher training program at Miramar College gave me the know how, to be confident and knowledgeable in a competitive world. I was able to get a teaching job shortly after completing the program.The teachers and staff care about your success as a teacher and person. I have been happily teaching for almost a year now. Teaching has brought immense joy and potential to my life. Teaching has pushed my personal growth both on, and off the mat. I am very grateful for the learning experience I had at Miramar College and the doors that the experience has opened for me.

- Heather Wiswell - Yoga Instructor & Pastor


The 200-hour YTT program at Miramar College is a must for anyone looking to become a yoga teacher. The program is well designed, and provides essential knowledge and tools that you will need as a teacher. Your journey starts off with the basics of yoga philosophies and anatomy, you learn to cue and sequence classes, you get insight into subtle energies and chakras, you practice what you learn by teaching classes and using feedback for growth, and you are even taught the business side of yoga, so you know how to move forward when you are certified. The teachers are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I enjoyed my entire experience and am very proud to have been part of this program.

Jamileh (Gigi) Boskovich -