Business Management

Business managers plan, organize, direct, and oversee the activities needed to accomplish an organization’s mission. They ensure that vital resources - people, money, equipment, information, and work processes - are used effectively and efficiently. This program prepares students for entry level positions in the field of business management. Flexible course selection and a variety of degrees and certificates are available to enable students to prepare for a specific occupational goal. 

Degree and Certificate Programs

Business Management Catalog Miramar 2018-19

Career/Transfer Options

Some of the many career options in the field of Business Management include:

  • Advertising Agent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Loan Officer
  • Office Supervisor
  • Operations/Production Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Service Manager
  • Small Business Owner
  • Wholesale and Retail Buyer

Some business management-related career fields require study beyond the associate degree level. Students intending to transfer to a university in a business-related major should consider completing an associate degree in the Business Administration program.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Business Management program will be able to:

  • Develop business-related written materials such as letters, memoranda, case studies, reports, or documents specific to a particular career field.
  • Evaluate and analyze business-related data using various mathematical techniques.
  • Demonstrate applied skills required for a business-related career field.

Catalog Pages

289 (BANK), 295 (BUSE), 314 (CONF), 381 (MARK), 406 (REAL), 410 (WORK)

What Classes Should I Take?

Degrees & Certificates

AA Degree AA or AS for Transfer AS Degree Certificate of Achievement Certificate of Performance Catalog Pages
      289 (BANK), 295 (BUSE), 314 (CONF), 381 (MARK), 406 (REAL), 410 (WORK)
      289 (BANK), 295 (BUSE), 314 (CONF), 381 (MARK), 406 (REAL), 410 (WORK)
      289 (BANK), 295 (BUSE), 314 (CONF), 381 (MARK), 406 (REAL), 410 (WORK)

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