Professional Development Committee

Chair Requirements

Chair Eligibility – Co-Chairs- One Administrative Member and one Non-Administrative Member
Chair Election – Administrator: appointed by College President; Non-Administrative Member: elected
by committee
Chair Term – Two Years

Committee Composition

Administrators (3) Classified Staff (4) Faculty (7)
Associate Dean of Student Equity and Academic Success (SEAS) Representative 1 FLEX Coordinator
Instructional Representative Representative 2 Faculty Coordinator for Student Success
Non-Instructional Representative Representative 3 Representative- School of Liberal Arts
Representative 4 Representative- School of MBEPS
Representative- School of BTCWI
Representative- School of Public Safety
Representative- Student Services

Committee Goals

  • Provide assistance for Miramar College personnel in the development of personal growth plans.
  • Provide information about classes, conferences, workshops, and other programs for the betterment of classroom instruction, student support services and enhanced job performance.
  • Develop plans for disbursement of travel funds for faculty and classified staff.

Committee Procedures

Committee will meet no less than once per month at a regularly scheduled time.

Further information about the committee and how to apply for professional development funds, refer to this page.