A New Way to Search for Classes


Student Services has received numerous comments and feedback regarding our current online class search (http://classschedule.sdccd.edu).  We understand that the class search is an extremely important tool for enrollment and provides key class information to our students such as course information, requisites and books. 

We are happy to announce the launch of a new (mobile friendly) class search that will replace our “Open Class” search at sdccd.edu. This site will eventually replace the current class search within mySDCCD as we add new features, but for now it will make ‘crashing a class’ and searching for an open class much easier for students.


 Key Features:

  • Quicker responsiveness when searching:
    Class data is now loaded initially with instant results being shown to the student.  Please note that because of caching of information, data will be refreshed every 15 minutes.  We will monitor performance and may increase the frequency.
  • More Search Criteria:
    In addition to a better general search (search by name or course), students can use the advanced filters to search for classes in a subject, instructor, zero cost textbooks, start date, etc.).


  • Course Information Displayed without leaving the schedule
    Students can now access course information without leaving their search result by clicking on the course name.  Information includes:
    • Units, Class Capacity, Type, Deadlines, Course Description and Notes, requisites, degree applicable, transferability and link to books (if any)
  • Click on the “Open Seats” number to display more information regarding enrollment and waitlist. Class Capacity is now displayed along with open seats.
  • Hovering the mouse over the class dates will display the specific class deadlines:
  • Clicking on the instructor name will allow students to contact the instructor.  (Note: If students do not have an email program like Outlook setup, they can right click on the name and click on “Copy Email Address”)
  • Class Status Issues have been fixed.  The status will correctly show depending if the class is full, has seats available on the waitlist, requires a permission number or is open.  Additionally classes will sort by class name, then classes with the most available open seats:
  • 100% Mobile Friendly: The page will show a clean, mobile friendly- format on phones and tablets: Please note that students will still need to login to mySDCCD to register for classes. They can just copy the Class Number and paste it here to quickly add classes to their enrollment shopping cart:

         We are still working hard on adding some new enhancements to this class search. 

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