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There are a variety of forms and petitions to address student's various academic needs.  Many forms are not available for download, as they require meeting with a counselor or faculty member to determine eligibility or the appropriateness of the request.

Academic Renewal

Academic renewal is a means whereby a student may have prior college work excluded from current grade point average. In all cases of academic renewal, the original courses and grades will remain on the transcript with a code in the reference column that indicates academic renewal has been applied to those courses. Once the petition is approved, action is not reversible. There are two types of Academic Renewal:

Academic Renewal by Course Repetition

A student who receives a substandard grade (“D” or “F” or “NP”) in a course may repeat that course three times and have a new grade(s) replace the substandard grade(s) in the district's computation of a student's GPA. The course being repeated must be the same name as the original course, not its equivalent.

Registration into a course in which two grades of “D” or “F” or “NP” has already been received will be permitted by mySDCCD for the first and second repeat of the course. No petition is necessary. At the end of the semester, the academic renewal will automatically be processed and the student's academic record will be annotated to indicate academic renewal.


  • No course in which a “C” or better grade has been earned may be repeated.
  • Students will not be allowed more than four enrollments in similar active participatory courses in Physical Education and Visual and Performing Arts, regardless of grade or symbol earned.
  • Academic renewal is not allowed for work experience courses.
  • Each course in which an unsatisfactory grade (“D,”“F,” or “NP”) has been earned may be repeated twice without a petition. The course being repeated must be the same as the original course, not its equivalent. Only the newly-earned units and grades will be used in computing the grade point average.
  • Students will not be allowed more than three enrollments in any course, regardless of grade or symbol earned.

Procedures to Petition for Course Repetition:

  • Students who have taken and repeated coursework in the past for which academic renewal has not been done should submit a Petition for Academic Renewal by Course Repetition in the Evaluations Office. If the petition is approved the student's academic record will be annotated to indicate academic renewal
  • Students who would like to attempt to repeat a course for a fourth time in which a "D” or “F” or “NP” or "W" was earned three times, must submit a standard Student Petition to be reviewed by the VPSS. The petition must be signed by one of the following: Counselor, Instructor, Department Chair or Dean. Please note: The Petition to repeat must be filed with the campus that is hosting the course you intend to take. A Miramar College petition will only apply to Miramar College classes. If the petition is approved the student's academic record will be annotated to indicate academic renewal.

Note: A student may only earn three symbols (A, B, C, D, F, P, NP, W) in a course.

Academic Renewal without Course Repetition

A student with a semester of substandard academic performance that is not reflective of present demonstrated ability may petition to have the substandard semester disregarded in computation of grade point average.

  • Students with degrees or certificates: Course(s)/Semester/Session prior to earning a degree or certificate are not eligible for academic renewal.
  • A maximum of one semester/session or 12 units, whichever is greater can be disregarded.

Requirements for consideration:

1. Course(s)/Semester/Session must be substandard (below 2.0 GPA).

2. Transcripts from all institutions attended must be officially on file.

3. Successfully complete, in a regionally accredited college or university, 15 units with a GPA of at least 2.0 subsequent to the coursework to be disregarded. All courses taken during the semester/session in which the student reaches or exceeds the 15 unit minimum will be used in computing the 2.0 GPA.

4. One year must have elapsed since the most recent coursework to be disregarded was completed.

District Regulations:

1. A maximum of 12 units or one semester/session may be disregarded, whichever is greater. For purposes of academic renewal for summer session work, a summer session will be defined as all courses which commence after the termination of the Spring semester and end prior to the commencement of the Fall semester. Intersession work will be included in Spring semesters. Short-term or carry-over classes will be considered to be part of the semester or session in which credit is awarded or a grade is recorded to the student’s permanent record.

2. If grade alleviation has already been applied two times for a course included in the semester to be disregarded, the course will not be eligible for academic renewal without repetition and will remain on the academic record.

3. If previous action for academic renewal has been applied to coursework included in the semester to be disregarded, the course will not be eligible for academic renewal without repetition and will remain on the academic record.

4. Work taken at another institution may be forgiven in our computations for purposes of graduation from one of the District colleges under the regulations stated above.

5. The permanent academic record will be annotated in such a manner that the record of all work remains legible, ensuring a true and complete academic record.

6. Recalculation of the grade point average may be used toward qualification for graduation with honors.

7. Academic standing for the semester/session(s) will not be adjusted.

8. Once the petition is approved, the action is not reversible.


  • Students must see a counselor to complete the Petition for Academic Renewal Without Course Repetition form.
  • The student files a completed Petition for Academic Renewal Without Course Repetition in the Evaluations Office.
  • An Evaluator will determine whether all conditions for academic renewal without course repetition have been met. These conditions are listed on the back of the petition.
  • If the petition is approved the student's academic record will be annotated to indicate academic renewal for the appropriate term(s).
  • Students will be sent a copy of the petition indicating the decision after the process is completed.

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Transcript Evaluation Request

San Diego Community College District (City, Mesa, Miramar) receives thousands of transcripts for students that may never attend our schools. Due to this fact, student transcripts will not automatically be evaluated upon receipt. Students must request the Evaluation process once all transcripts have been received.

Once all transcripts have been sent, submit a request through the Counseling Office. Allow 90 business days for processing (Up to 18 weeks). Students will be notified upon completion.

Submission of transcripts:

  • Physical Transcripts should be submitted to the SDCCD District office:
        3375 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92108-3883
  • Electronic Transcripts should be sent to tinquiry@sdccd.edu. 
  • Students are responsible for requesting official transcripts from each institution attended are sent to SDCCD.
  • Transcripts from foreign institutions are not required.
  • Official transcripts must be received in the original sealed envelope from the college or university.
  • Opened, faxed or emailed transcripts will not be considered official.
  • Transcripts are only accepted from one year after issuance.

Processing of Transcripts:

  • Once the transcripts are received, it is reviewed for the number of transferable units and for prerequisites.
  • Transcripts are not automatically evaluated for a student's educational goal. Please see the college counseling office to submit a Request for Transcript Evaluation form.


Transferability of Credits
Credits from other regionally accredited institutions will only be accepted for transfer credit after evaluation by the District Evaluations office.

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Certificate of Performance

A Certificate of Performance recognizes the attainment of knowledge and/or skill through the successful completion of two or more courses as specified by a department. Certificates of Performance are designed to prepare students for employment, job enhancement and/or job advancement. To qualify for the Certificate of Performance, students must satisfy the requirements and follow the procedures listed below:


  • Achieve a grade of "C" or better in each of the required courses.
  • Complete all required course work in the San Diego Community College District.
  • Course substitutions or course equivalencies from other colleges may not be used to satisfy Certificate of Performance requirements. For additional information please see a counselor.

Procedures: All coursework for the Certificate of Performance must be completed, and grades are posted before a student can petition for their Certificates of Performance.

  1. After completing all coursework for the Certificate of Performance as listed in the College Catalog visit the Forms and Documents page: https://www.sdccd.edu/students/forms-and-documents.aspx

  2. Scroll to the Counseling/Evaluation/Graduation Section and find "Apply For Certificate of Performance". Save the document and open with Adobe. 

    If you need help with completing the form there are instructions and videos at the top of the Forms and Documents page along with a free Adobe download.

  1. Complete the form (one per certificate you are applying for) and save to your device. Double-check to make sure all areas are filled.


  1. Return to the Forms and Documents page and find the Submit Form Online button

  1. Complete the Support Desk Ticket. Please include a valid email address as all updates and comments will be exchanged on this online platform. One ticket per Certificate.

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Credit by Examination

EMT FIREStudents who wish to receive credit for academic work completed in non-traditional ways or through non-educational sources may be able to obtain credit by taking and passing a departmental examination. (Policy 3900.1)


  • A list of courses approved for credit by examination is established by the Office of the Vice President of Instruction can be found in the Evaluations Office.
  • Examinations for courses not on the approved list must be requested from the chair of the department in which the course is offered.
  • Credit by examination is not available for any course that a student has audited or for which a student has received a grade or symbol of any kind on a transcript. If the student is currently enrolled in the course, no more than 20 percent of the class meeting time may have elapsed.
  • All credit by examination processes must be completed within five days of the end of the term specified on the application.
  • A processing fee equivalent to the current enrollment fee will be assessed

Procedure for Courses on the Approved List

  • Student files an Application for Credit by Examination in the Evaluations Office.
  • The Evaluations Office will review the student's eligibility.
  • Student must indicate whether they wish to receive a P/NP or a letter grade for the class. Students need to take into consideration graduation, major area, and departmental policies and may want to speak to a counselor regarding this option.
  • Upon approval by Evaluations Office, the student takes the Processing Fees for Nontraditional Education form to the accounting office to pay the appropriate fee.
  • The student returns to the Evaluation Office with proof of the fee payment.
  • Evaluations Office sends approved petition to the appropriate department chair.
  • The department chair arranges for an instructor to administer the examination to the student.
  • Student is notified by mail, within 10 days, of the instructor assigned to administer the examination.
  • Student contacts the instructor to arrange a time for the exam.
  • Upon completion of the examination, the instructor records the results on the petition and returns it to the Evaluations Office.
  • Credit is posted on the student's academic record, and the student is sent a copy of the completed petition.

Procedure for Courses NOT on the Approved List

  • Student takes an Application for Credit by Examination for Courses Not on an Approved List to the appropriate department chair for a decision to offer an examination for a course not on the approved course list.
  • After a decision is made, chairperson returns petition to Evaluations Office for verification of eligibility.
  • Evaluations Office notifies student of eligibility.
  • If petition is approved and student is eligible, the procedures outlined for courses on the approved list are then followed.

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Credit for Military Experience

Policy 3900.3

Students who have completed at least six months of continuous active U.S. military service have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • 4 units of credit towards the Associate degree: health Education and Physical Education (2 courses) requirements
  • The California State University General Education Breadth Pattern (CSUGE) Area E requirement.

Credits for the requirements listed above are automatically posted to student's record upon receipt of the applicable document listed below.

Additionally, credit may be available for courses taken through the various branches of the military as recommended by A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services published by the American Council on Education.

Additional Credit for Military Service

To receive additional credit for military service or military school students must be enrolled and, in most cases, must have an education plan on file.

  • Military credit cannot be used to satisfy the American Institutions requirement or the English Composition requirement.
  • Credit in the major must be approved by the department.
  • Contact the Veteran's Office or see a counselor to request additional credit for military service or school.

To receive additional credit for military service or military school students must be enrolled and, in most cases, must have an education plan on file.

  • Military credit cannot be used to satisfy the American Institutions requirement or the English Composition requirement.
  • Credit in the major must be approved by the department.
  • Contact the Veteran's Office or see a counselor to request additional credit for military service or school.

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Credit for Standardized Tests

Policy 3900.4

Academic credit is available for students who take and pass, at the appropriate level, examinations offered through the following standardized tests:

  • Advanced Placement Examinations (AP)
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), and
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

For detailed information on tests scores and applicable credit, refer to the college catalog. Students must order their official reports to be sent to the school. Reports must be sealed and unopened by the student or transferred directly from the administering institution. Scores will not be automatically evaluated. Once all transcripts and scores are received, the student must submit a Request for Transcript Evaluation which can be picked up in Evaluations or Counseling. Note: If you need to clear a prerequisite immediately, meet with a Counselor before submitting your Request for Transcript Evaluation.


  • Credit for examinations is based upon the score received.
  • Credit will not be granted for equivalent course completion.
  • Tests can potentially meet the following requirements:
    • American Institutions can be partially met with AP US History (US-1), AP US Gov't & Politics (US-2), however, US-3 requires a California governments component which can be met with one of the courses listed in this section. (See Catalog Page 47)
    • Laboratory requirements can be met with AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics B, AP Physics 1 (for CSU GE only), AP Physics 2 (for CSU GE only), AP Physics C - electricity/magnetism, and PA Physics C - mechanics. (See Catalog pages 40-47)


English Composition requirement (except for Advanced Placement which will satisfy the English Composition requirement).

  • Use of this credit in a major requires the approval of the department.
  • A maximum of 30 cumulative units may be granted for acceptable scores on any combination of standardized tests.

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Petition for Modification of Graduation Requirements

Any variation to major requirements for a degree or certificate must be approved by the academic department under which the major is offered.

Approved petitions are only applicable for majors offered at Miramar College.


  • An electronic Educational Plan must be on file. If you are unsure if you have an electronic educational plan, please see a counselor.
  • All transcripts from other institutions attended must be on file. **If you are submitting official transcripts with the petition, please be sure that the transcripts are in the original sealed envelope. Opened transcripts are not considered official.

Please note:

  • Substitution = to replace a course required with another course(s).
  • Waiver = exemption from taking a required course in the major or District Graduation requirement. District General Education requirements cannot be waived.
  • A minimum of 18 units is required for the major for all degree programs.


It is highly recommended that you meet with a counselor to determine if you meet the eligibility and if a modification is necessary.

  • Obtain a Petition for Modification form.
  • Provide information requested on the form, including necessary documentation.
  • Obtain signatures from the Department Chair and Dean. Depending on the major, other signatures, such as from the program director, may be required.
  • Submit the completed form in Evaluations Office.
  • The Evaluations Office will determine whether all modification conditions have been satisfied.
  • Petitions to Waive a District Graduation requirement will automatically sent to the Academic Standards Committee to be reviewed. The Academic Standards Committee meets once per month. Generally, this is the 2nd Thursday of the month with exceptions for holidays.
  • If the modification cannot be made, the student will be notified.
  • If the modification is approved, the necessary adjustments in the student's educational plan will be made by the District Evaluations Office. Please note: These changes will not be posted to a student's record until they have completed all of the other required coursework.
  • Students will be notified regarding the approval or denial of the petition via email (Miramar Only please refer to other campuses for their return procedures).

Please see a counselor for assistance. Please note: As of Summer 2019, Approved Modifications will NOT be posted until all other degree coursework has been completed.

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Petition for approval of Major Electives

This petition is only used for the Associate in Science and Certificate of Achievement in Business Management and for course selection when students are seeking multiple degrees.


  • Student meets with counselor to select appropriate courses or major electives.
  • The student and the counselor sign the Major Area Electives form.
  • Evaluations will submit the form to the proper entity
  • The form is returned to the Evaluations Office.
  • The evaluator makes the necessary changes in the student's educational plan.
  • The student is emailed with the decision made by District Evaluations.

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Apply for GraduationMiramar Graduation

Graduation is not automatic. Students must Apply to Graduate on their mySDCCD portal in order to request a graduation evaluation for an AA/AS degree or Certificate of Achievement. For assistance, please meet with a counselor.

Be sure to meet all deadlines for Petitioning to Graduate.

Please note: Applying to Graduate does not automatically Register you to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. Learn more about the Steps to Graduate.

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Request for General Education Certification

General Education (GE) is one of the key components of earning your Associate degree or transferring to a four-year institution. A GE certification is an official document from SDCCD which certifies that a student, who is transferring to a four year institution, has met the requirements of a particular GE pattern. If you are unsure of which pattern you should be following please speak to an Academic Advisor.

Two types of GE Patterns for Certification

  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Pattern (IGETC) – This pattern can be certified for transfer to the University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) system. 
  • California State University General Education (CSUGE) – This pattern can only be certified for transfer to the CSU system. 

Requirements for GE Certification

  • A request for certification can only be submitted once a student has been accepted to a transferring university.
  • All transcripts from previous colleges and universities attended must be on file. See the Transcript section for detailed information.
  • Students with AP/IB/CLEP exams must submit scores if they are using them to meet requirements. Information on the use of Standardized Tests scores for credit and certification requirements can be found in the catalog.
  • If students using high school coursework to satisfy the UC IGETC Certification foreign language requirement those high school transcripts must be on file. Unofficial transcripts can be accepted.
  • If students have had two years of formal schooling at the sixth grade level or higher in an institution where the language of instruction is not English, they may also satisfy the UC IGETC Certification foreign language requirement by providing official or unofficial transcripts from that school.


How to request a GE Certification

  • Students who need certification of completion of lower-division general education requirements for transfer to UC or CSU, must complete the Request for Certification.

Where to request a GE Certification

  • The Campus Evaluations Office in room K1-207 (Located in Admissions and Records), OR


  • Requests can take up to two weeks for processing. As a result, we recommend certifications be requested at least two weeks prior to the deadline of the transferring institution.
  • Students should plan ahead to ensure that they submit their GE certification requests early. 
  • Once the certification is processed, the original certification is sent to the University and address indicated on the request form.

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