Free Access to eTextbooks

Two Options Below:

Option 1: Cengage Unlimited Electronic Textbooks

Through the remainder of the spring 2020 semester, students can get a free subscription to Cengage Unlimited — which will give you access to Cengage ebooks, etextbooks, and digital course materials. Here’s how it works:

Cengage will be offering "rolling" trial access to students through the end of the current term. Usually, students are allowed one two-week trial to Cengage Unlimited per semester. Now, due to the unplanned COVID-19 public health emergency, Cengage is providing extended access.  Students should create an account and sign up for "Start Free Trial." In two weeks, you will be reminded to renew the trial. The renewal process should only take a few minutes, and you will be able to continually renew free access through the end of this term. 


  • For students who have purchased Cengage Unlimited:  You can continue to use Cengage Unlimited with no interruption in service, and access will be extended as needed (based on the situation at the college); no additional action is required at this time.
  • For students who are not currently using Cengage Unlimited and have not otherwise activated a trial within the last 75 days: You should go to, create an account, and choose "Start Trial."
  • For students who had already activated a trial of Cengage Unlimited within the past 75 days, but then did not purchase: You can call Cengage Support (phone number 1-800-354-9706) to unlock the trial access. This should only be necessary until March 18, when Cengage hopes to remove trial access restrictions — so that any student (no matter what their trial status) will be able to register on their own.

Option 2: RedShelf (Possible option for individuals who have an email address ending in .edu)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The RedShelf service described below appears to require users to have a .edu email address to access free content.

RedShelf is partnering with the publishing community to provide up to 7 free eBooks from participating publishers. Access is currently scheduled to run through May 25th.