Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment

Welcome to Miramar College's Learning Outcomes and Assessment Website

Miramar has embraced the analysis of student learning, as it is key component of student success. Many traditional, educational indicators of student success have focused on achievement data, and as such, they are lacking in analysis of how different student populations are actually learning.

As the nationwide focus of student success shifts to direct measurements (i.e. measurements of actual student learning), it is becoming more critical to identify inequities in learning for populations of students that are struggling to succeed. Furthermore, there appears to be an impending shift towards awarding grades and degrees based directly on successful completion of learning outcomes. As such, these learning outcomes will be a critical factor for student success in the area of achievement. This website is designed to provide a comprehensive look at the Outcomes and Assessment efforts at Miramar College, including Outcome Statements, Assessment Activities and Results, and Resources. Please select from the figure below to explore the world of Outcomes and Assessment at Miramar.

Diagram of SLO process