Website Subcommittee

Chair Requirements

Any Member - Recommendation elected by Committee - Two Year Term

Committee Composition

Administrators (1) Classified Staff (3) Faculty (3) Students (1)
Representative Public Information Officer Instructional CTE Faculty (1) Representative
Web Designer Instructional Non-CTE Faculty (1)
Server Administrator Student Services Faculty (1)
Accessibility Specialist *


* Accessibility Specialist may be filled by any category of employee or student though typically would be Faculty or Classified Staff. Addition of specialist does not replace named positions (i.e., PIO, Web Designer, Server Administrator) but may be in addition to them.

Committee Goals

To develop and manage a vital comprehensive college Internet presence. Responsibilities to include:

  1. Guidelines & Procedures
  2. Content Management
  3. Design consistent with college image

Committee Procedures

Recommendations for the Campus Website should be brought through the Marketing Committee or directly to the Website Committee by attendance or in writing to the Website Committee Chair.

The Committee will establish and recommend guidelines and procedures for the development, maintenance and evolution of the Campus website.

  1. Major structure and design concerns will be approved by normal channels at the Marketing Committee and CEC as needed.
  2. Recommendations for Website technology concerns will be made to the Technology Committee and the Planning and Budget Committee.
  3. Procedural and technical implementation decisions will be made by the committee and implementation will be done by the appropriate Campus, District and Contractor personnel.

At any time CEC has complete authority over decisions made by this committee.

The Committee will also be an advocate for promoting the systemic integration of Miramar College's Web Presence. This may include, but is not limited to, working with Staff Development to provide appropriate web development training venues, working with faculty and staff one-on-one, assisting with security issues, providing content and structure guidelines and resolving issues or conflicts as they arise, or channeling them to the appropriate venue for resolution.

Committee will meet no less than once per month.