Technology Committee

Chair Requirements

Chair Eligibility – Co-Chairs: Any member and the Dean of PRIELT
Chair Election – Dean of PRIELT: designated by position; , Member: elected by committee
Chair Term – Two Years

Committee Composition

Administrators (2) Classified Staff (4) Faculty (6) Students (1)
Dean, PRIELT Instructional Support Supervisor- AV School of MBEPS (1) Representative
Representative Microcomputer Specialist Supervisor School of Liberal Arts (1)
Instructional Computing Support Supervisor School of Public Safety (1)
Representative School of BTCWI (1)
Student Services Representative (1)
Representative (1)

Committee Goals

The mission of the Technology Committee is to provide organization, recommendations, direction, and standards for campus technology. The structure of this Committee will rely upon the operational role of the administrator to orchestrate the continued development of the on-going Technology Plan, to advocate and support Instruction and Services utilizing technology, and to coordinate funding resources to maximize technology implementation campus wide. All the above listed members are voting members but the Committee will rely heavily upon the Administrator’s capacity to organize and implement recommendations.

The Committee will:

  • Develop and update 3-year Instructional Technology Plan.
  • Establish technology standards and procedures for the College.
  • Assist technology needs and priorities to support all instruction, services, and administration.
  • Provide technology direction and oversight for the Website Subcommittee.
  • Provide technology expenditure recommendations to the Budget and Resource Development Subcommittee.
  • Provide direction and guidelines for Audio/Visual Department to ensure adequate Audio/Visual support.
  • Coordinate technology training efforts with the Staff Development Committee.
  • Coordinate and assist with technology planning efforts in Strategic, School and Department planning.
  • Provide technology data, reports and assistance for Accreditation.

Committee Procedures

The Committee Chairs are the advocates for the Committee and will carry forward Committee recommendations to the following committees as appropriate:

  • All Standing Committees for review and input as needed
  • Budget and Resource Development Subcommittee for technology expenditure recommendations, and
  • College Executive Committee through normal Senate/Council channels.

The Committee will review and revise annually the 3-year Technology plan annually. The plan will include the following components:

  • What technologies will best meet campus and program needs;
  • Priorities for implementing these technologies into the classrooms and work places, and;
  • The status of existing campus technologies

The Committee may establish short term task forces to accomplish much of its work, as needed.

Additionally the Committee will invite District IT to committee meetings.

Committee will meet no less than once each month.

Standing Subcommittees