Facilities Committee

Chair Requirements

Chair Eligibility – Co-Chairs: Any Faculty Member and Administrative Member
Chair Election – Administrator: appointed by College President; Faculty Member: elected by committee
Chair Term – Two Years

Committee Composition

Administrators (3) Classified Staff (3) Faculty (6) Students (1)
Plant Operations Officer Representative 1 Representative
Representative 2 Representative 2
Representative 3 Representative 3
Representative 4

Committee Goals

Functions in the governance process by addressing a broad range of campus facilities issues. Reviews all plans and makes recommendations for the construction, remodeling, and/or reassignment of existing facilities. Facilitates RFP process for use of campus property. Studies and recommends development of future facilities including classrooms, laboratories, faculty and staff office space, and grounds. Studies existing facilities and recommends alterations and improvements. Works with the Safety Committee on issues of emergency preparedness and general campus safety concerns.

Committee Procedures

Committee will meet no less than once per month at a regularly scheduled time.