Adjunct Faculty Information

How do I get my room keys and security codes or locate assistance?

Contact your Department

Initial requests for Parking permits, keys & codes: Chair, followed by your Dean's office.

Where do I find information critical to managing my classes?

Your best resource is always your Department Chair and Dean. Other useful references are:

Where do I find information on faculty professional development?

Visit the FLEX Registration & Contract Information page.

NOTE: Click on the following link if you need to access the old FLEX site (pre-Fall 2020).

How do I receive administration support during evening classes?

Evening Administrator

LLRC Room L-211

Office: 619-388-7350

Cell: 619-301-1348

  • Locked Doors
  • Alarms
  • Absence Reporting
  • Class Notification
  • Faculty Evaluation Surveys
  • Student Homework

Campus Police

Room T-100

Office: 619-230-2808

Facilities Maintenance

Office: 619-388-7823 or

Police Dispatch: 619-388-6405 or

Contact the Administrative Assistant to the Evening Administrator

Where do I find information on the faculty evaluation process?

Joan Thompson, Faculty Evaluation Coordinator: 619-388-7544 SDCCD Collective Bargaining Agreement - Article XV