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Committee Information

Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee



Co-Chairs: Any Faculty Member & any Administrator as designated by the College President—Recommendation, Faculty co-Chair elected by Committee—Three Years


Administrators (4)* Classified Staff (6) Faculty (8) Students (1)
VPI Outreach Coord. Student Services Rep. (1) Representative
VPSS Instructional Svcs. Rep. (1)School of Bus, Math, Science (1)  
VPA Admin. Svcs. Rep (1) School of Liberal Arts (1)  
Representative Facil. Svcs. Rep. (1) School of Public Safety (1)  
  Representative PIO School of TCWI (1)
  RepresentativeSchool of Library (1) 
    Senate Reps (2)  

*Committee membership for administration is designated by position held and shall include the Vice Presidents of Administrative Services, Instruction, and Student Services, plus two administrative designees (to include Program Review/SLOAC subcommittee co-chairs if they are not already represented by the three VP's). Faculty representation shall include at least one person from the Student Services division, one from each of the five Schools, plus two Academic Senate designees (to include the faculty Program Review/SLOAC subcommittee co-chairs from Instruction and Student Services). Classified Senate representation shall include the Outreach Coordinator, one person from Instructional Services, one from Administrative Services, one from Facilities Services & the PIO, plus a Classified Senate designee. Student membership will be an Associated Student designee.

Steering committee:

  • Administrative, Instructional, and Student Services Program Review/SLOAC subcommittee co-chairs
  • Research subcommittee chair
  • Budget & Resource Development subcommittee chair
  • Faculty and administrative co-chairs of Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Administrators Faculty Classified Students

Committee Goals & Issues

To develop, coordinate, direct and evaluate the college wide planning process and ensure alignment with the ACCJC accreditation standards and compliance with Title 5 regulations and Education Codes.



The Institutional Effectiveness Committee will:

Establish and update the planning calendar and work flow diagram of the College Annual Planning Cycle.

Coordinate and evaluate the College integrated planning process including alignment of the decision-making functions of the College governance committees within that process.

Review the College Strategic Plan and the College Annual Planning Cycle and recommend revisions and updates.

Review the College model of integrated planning and alignment of the College Division and Operational plans and their timeframes within the Strategic Plan.

Review and forward all integrated planning documentation and recommendations through the participatory governance process.

Establish, review, and evaluate a mechanism for assessment and timeline for data collection and analysis to evaluate attainment of the Strategic goals.

Recommend revisions of the College Mission congruent with analysis of the Strategic Plan assessment results.

Committee will meet no less than once per month. The steering committee will meet additionally as needed.


Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and minutes from the past three years are displayed. For agendas and/or minutes of earlier meetings, click the link below.

Archived Agendas & Minutes


Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and minutes from the past three years are displayed.


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