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Environmental Stewardship Task Force



Any Member - Recommendation elected by Committee - Two Year Term


If committee work is required when the entire committee is not available, a steering committee comprised of the administrative representative, one classified+ one faculty, and one student representative shall act for the Committee. The Faculty member of this steering committee will be the elected chair of the Committee.

Administrators Faculty Classified Students
1 4 4 2

Committee Goals & Issues

Develop the support needed to make a successful move towards responsible environmental sustainability in the following areas:

  1. Reduction of Energy (reduction of consumption & Energy Efficiency)
  2. Bookstore (buying green and reducing waste)
  3. Cafeteria (buying green & reducing waste)
  4. District Recycling
  5. Reprographics—Buying Green paper (FSC certified) & Reducing Waste
  6. Stockroom—Buying Green & Reducing waste
  7. Green Building & Eco-friendly Landscaping
  8. Sustainability in the Curriculum

The Task Force will develop recommendations for the potential processes, calendar, and other related activities as needed to bring this Task Force into the status of Standing (sub)committee



The Task Force will meet twice a month or as scheduled.


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Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and minutes from the past three years are displayed. For agendas and/or minutes of earlier meetings, click the link below.

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