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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Last First Title Assignment Room Phone URL
Aagard Annette Instructor English
Afan Virgil Accounting Specialist Student Accounting K-205E 619-388-7588
Agatha Rachelle Instructor Business
Agonafer Sara Public Safety A-201 619-388-7447
Aguilar Jessica Student Srvs Assist Admissions & Records K1-207 619-388-7576
Ahsan Mitra Instructor Mathematics
Alfuente Anthony Accounting Clerk Sr Student Accounting K-205 619-388-7586
Allan Maria Instructor English
Allen Joyce Secretary Sr Liberal Arts H-101 619-388-7425
Allen Lezlie Nursing Ctr Supervisor Health Services K2-102 619-388-7881
Alley Josh Instructor Art H-110B 619-388-7463
Andersen Allen Assistant Professor English H-110H 619-388-7506 Web Page
Anderson Carol Instructor Sociology
Anderson Mark Instructor Physical Education
Andreev Andrei Instructor Real Estate
Andrews Jennifer B. Instructor Child Development 619-517-0017
Aquino Dennis Production Srvs Asst Reprographics N-102 619-388-7652
Aquino Kyle (Stacy) Student Srvs Asst Sr Financial Aid K-312 619-388-7481
Aquino Marc Athletic Equip Attend Hourglass Park Support Srvs P-117B 619-388-7719
Arancibia Adrian Professor English H-110I 619-388-7421
Arend Robert Instructor English H-110U 619-388-7334
Armentrout Karen
Arreola Atala Custodian Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Arteaga Julian Custodian Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Arzola Enrique Instructor Spanish
Ascione Lou Dean of Liberal Arts Liberal Arts H-101A 619-388-7873
Atkinson Ellie Student Srvs Assist Counseling K2-108 619-388-7558
Bacchia Ryan
Baldwin Gwen Instructor Biology
Banuelos Gloria Program Activity Manager Biothechnology S5-101B 619-388-7541
Barlolong Christine Student Srvs Asst Sr Veterans K1-207 619-388-7862
Barnet Roberto P-101B 619-388-7713
Bartholomew Alisa Instructor Speech
Bartolomei Juli Sr. Clerical Assistant Academic Senate K2-105 619-388-7385
Batenga Reynaldo Stock Clerk II Bookstore K1-105 619-388-7640
Beeman Amy Instructor The PLACe
Beitey George Dean, School of Public Safety A-201 619.388.7452
Bell Brett VP, Admin Services Business Office N-101 619-388-7815
Beller Martha Particia Instructor Biology
Beltran Robin Instructor Psychology
Bennett Kurtis Instructor EMT
Benton Robert Custodian I Facilities U-3101 619-388-7823
Bereaud Francois Dept. Chair/Professor Mathematics M-211I 619-388-7503
Berry Joseph Instructor Speech
BeuMaher Samantha Student Services Assistant Counseling K1-203 619-388-7557
Bierman Evan Instructor Astronomy
Billon Laura Instructor Fire Technology
Bochicchio Regina Professor Geology S6-115C 619-388-7496 Web Page
Booth Channing Professor Music H-216A 619-388-7511
Borey Denise Student Srvs Asst Sr Admissions & Records K-207 619-388-7578
Borin Wayne Instructor Physical Education
Bosselman Lonny Assistant Professor Aviation Technology F-103G 619-388-7660
Bouton-Sander Fabienne Instructor Biology
Bowers Sean Associate Professor Physical Education J-222C 619-388-7232
Bowers-Gentry Rebecca Professor Biology/Chemistry S6-112L 619-388-7241
Bozinovic Goran Instructor Biology
Brainard Chris Instructor EMT
Brandt Kandice Counselor/Professor DSPS K-204 619-388-7604 Web Page
Brawner Thomas Instructor Biology
Bray Jim Project Manager GAFCON 619-388-7361
Breen Patrick Food Service Supervisor Food Services K1-104E 619-388-7007
Bregman Robin Instructor Physical Education
Brewster Lisa Professor Speech H-211 619-388-7701 Web Page
Brinton Karen Instructor Chemistry
Buenavista Alfred Custodian I Facilities B-101 619-388-7823
Buller Matthew Instructor Chemistry
Burke Sean Instructor Nutrition
Burks Julie Instructor Nutrition
Burr Ralph Instructor Psychology
Buser David A. Professor Aviation Technology FI-103B 619-388-7663 Web Page
Cabrera Reylyn B. Instr Lab Tech/LB The PLACe L-101L 619-388-7629
Calanog Jae Assistant Professor Astronomy/Physics S6-115B 619.388.7671
Campbell Lynne Clerical Assistant Sr Facilities B-101 619-388-7823
Capacia Nemie Instructor Mathematics U3-100
Carr Ferderica Instructor Economics
Carranza Gloria Student Srvs Assist Admissions & Records K1-207 619-388-7577
Carrier Paula Professor Humanities H-110O 619-388-7518
Cartelli Robert Instructor Fire Technology
Cassar Rick Counselor/Professor Counseling K1-203G 619-388-7554
Castillejos Yolanda Instr Lab Tech LR AV Media Center L-111J 619-388-7613
Catchpole Heather Instructor Physical Education
Cava Lilly Bookstore Sales Clerk Bookstore K-105 619-388-7866
Cedillo Maricarmen Instructor Spanish
Ceja Juan Gardener Groundskeeper Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Charles Michael Instructor Mathematics M-211N
Chau Van Instr Asst/Office Sys ILC L-104 619-388-7708
Cherry Wayne Assistant Professor Biology/MLTT S6-112O 619-388-7932
Cheung Jennifer Instructor Mathematics
Chlapecka Paul B. Professor Aviation Technology FI-103E 619-388-7661 Web Page
Choe John (Gene) Assistant Professor Diesel Technology C-122 619-388-7526
Clark Barbara Counselor/Assistant Professor Counseling K1-203M 619-388-7562
Clark Nathanial Instructor Art
Clarke Lisa Counselor/Professor Counseling K1-203H 619-388-7563
Claros Randy Counselor/Assistant Professor K1-203Q 619-388-7040
Clopton Jamie M Instructor Psychology
Contreras Miguel Custodial Crew Leader Sr Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Coppedge Dierdre (Dee Dee) Professor Art H-111A 619-388-7514
Cordero Melanie Sr. Secretary Math, Bio, Exer & Phys Science M-202D 619-388-7750
Couture John Professor Computer Science (CISC) M-107L 619-388-7698 Web Page
Cullivan Mark Instructor Economics
Daugherty Beth Clerical Assistant College Police T-100 619-388-7353
Davis Art Instructional Lab Assistant Aviation FI-111 619-388-7658
Davis Rachell Clerical Assistant College Police T-100 619-388-7353
Dawe Susan Instructor Art
de los Reyes Edgar Student Srvs Assist Financial Aid K-312 619-388-7482
De Moll Carrie Administrative Technician Business Office N-203 619-388-7401
Degnan Kevin Instructor English
Denney Bren Test Proctor DSPS K1-204 619-388-7312
DiMarzo Dawn C. Associate Professor Child Development F-200 619-388-7678
Dinger Mark L. Associate Professor Auto Technology S-204D 619-388-7642
Dionisopolous George Instructor Speech
Diskin Dawn Assistant Professor Accounting M-107P
Dobre Otto Professor Economics M-107F 619-388-7692
Douglas Scott Instructor Mathematics
Duckles Ian Instructor Philosophy
Durkee Michael Instructor Business
Ebrahimi Mohammad Instructor Mathematics
Edrozo Ron Instructor Fire Technology
Edrozo II Ron Instructor Fire Technology
Eggerman Jason Instructor Psychology
Egidio John Instructor Physical Education
Elias Peter J. Professor Child Development F-201 619-388-7677
Elmone Shaunna Admin Tech Business Office N-203 619-388-7406
Emery Chris Gardener Groundskeeper Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Escamilla-Rios Teresita Food Service Worker Food Services D-201
Espinoza Raul Instructor Art
Espitia Marilyn Assistant Professor Sociology H-110F 619-388-7504
Farah Lina Instructor Chemistry
Farahani Ali Instructor Mathematics
Fassler Molly Assistant Professor Psychology H-110C 619-388-7507
Feldman Isabella Counselor K-203 619-388-7375
Ferguson Sara Instructor English
Ferguson Susan B. Instructor Child Development
Feria Adam Accounting Tech Student Accounting K-205B 619-388-7589
Ferraro Kathryn Assistant Professor Nutrition
Figueroa Daphne Professor Chemistry S6-112A 619-388-7631
Flower Patricia Professor Biology S6-112Q 619-388-7489 Web Page
Fryszman Olga Instructor Chemistry
Furman Kare Student Srvs Supervisor I Admissions & Records K1-207 619-388-7580
Gallagher Kevin Counselor/Asst. Professor Counseling K1-203Q 619-388-7038
Galvez Daniel Custodian Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Gandolfi Norva G. Instructor Aviation Web Page
Gantz Jeffrey Instructor Fire Technology
Garces Fred Professor/Interim Dean of Math, Biological, Physical & Exercise Sciences Chemistry S6-112F 619-388-7493 Web Page
Garcia-Lorenzo Epifanio Gardener Groundskeeper Facilities U3-105 619-388-7823
Garrett David Instructor English
Gehler Nicolas Professor/Dept. Chair;Director, Athletics; Head Men’s Basketball Coach Physical Education J-222E 619-388-7715
Ghaffari Parvine Associate Professor History H-110N 619-388-7507
Ghiotto John Instructor Fire Technology
Gilley Cynthia Assistant Professor S6-112J 619.388.7938
Gines Noel Custodian Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Gloag Ann Instructor Mathematics M1-211D 619.388.7688
Gobble Sheryl Professor English H-110M 619-388-7428
Gonzales Johnny Instructor History
Gonzalez Laura Associate Professor Anthropology H-110D 619-388-7534
Goodman Vernal L. Instructor Auto Technology S-204E 619-388-7499
Gordan Lance Instructor Mathematics
Green Carrie Instr Lab Tech Child Development F-200 619-388-7851
Grisham Naomi Counselor/Assoc Prof Transfer Center K-306 619-388-7476
Grout Montgomery Instructor Physical Education
Guevarra MaryAnn Counselor/Assist Prof EOPS K-305 619-388-7549
Gutowski Dan Admin Services Supervisor Administrative Services P-101B 619-388-7717
Ha Diana Student Services Assistant Counseling K1-203 619-688-7040
Hahn Lawrence Instructor Business 619-388-7512
Haidar Buran Professor Biology S6-112S 619-388-7412
Hall Darren Associate Professor Fire Technology R1 619-388-7969 Web Page
Halliday Richard A. Professor English H-110R 619-388-7517
Hamidy Wahid Assistant Professor Computer Business Tech (CBTE) M-107M 619-388-7702
Haney Lori Instructor Psychology 619-270-9609
Hankinson Joseph Placement Officer Placement Office K-308 619-388-7474
Harrison P. Darrel Professor Legal Assistant M-107Q 619-388-7457
Hart Mary Librarian/Professor LRC L-215B 619-388-7614 Web Page
Heftmann Rex Assistant Professor Art W-221 619-388-7502
Herman John Custodial Crew Leader Facilities U3-105 619-388-7823
Hernandez Julian Administrative Technician A-101
Hertica Mark Assistant Professor Music H-215A 619-388-7696
Hill Kurt Micro Specialist Supvr Instructional Computing Support L-114E 619-388-7744
Hitchcock Damon Instructor Art
Ho Christine Counselor/Assistant Professor DSPS K1-204D 619-388-7312
Hoeger Laura Instructor Art
Hollman Marc Counselor/Assoc Prof Counseling K-203 619-388-7561
Honda Jacqueline Associate Dean for Student Equity/Academic Success
Honeycutt Rhonda Instructor Biology
Hopkins Paulette Interim Vice President of Instruction Business, Math & Sciences N-203E 619-388-7750
Hsieh Patricia College President President's Office N-204A 619-388-7834
Hubbard Terrie Admin Tech Public Safety A-201 619-388-7448
Hunt Peggy Clerical Supervisor Public Safety A-201 619-388-7860
Hunter Patricia Associate Professor Child Development M107H 619-388-7464
Idano Anacleto (Tito) Irrigation Technician Facilities U3-103 619-388-7823
Igou Daniel Associate Professor History H-110C 619-388-7646
Iringan Lina Food Service Worker Food Services D-201 619-388-7867
Jacobson Adela Dean of Student Affairs Student Affairs K-210 619-388-7313
Jay Carmen Professor English H-110J 619-388-7532
Jean Darlene Instructor Child Development 619-334-4805
Jennings Amy Instructor Physical Education
Jensen David Instructor Auto Technology
Johnson Christina Instructor Chemistry
Johnson Shipman Stephanie Assistant Professor English H-110S 619-388-7516
Josephson Jeffrey Instructional Lab Assistant Auto Technology S204F 619-388-7634
Jun Kyung Ae Research Associate L-114C 619-388-7752
Juri Daniela Instructor Spanish
Kallas George Instructor Political Science
Kane Tom Facilities Supervisor Custodial II Facilities U3-105 619-388-7823
Kapitzke Denise Accounting Supervisor Business Office N-101 619-388-7405
Kashyap Nirmala Instructor Mathematics
Kearns Julian Instructor The PLACe
Keleta Aster Clerical Assistant Sr VP Instruction N-203 619-388-7416
Kennedy Martin Instructor Auto Technology
King Dovie Instructor Legal Assistant
King Jenny Student Srvs Asst Sr Financial Aid K-312 619-388-7486
Kinley Roy Grounds Crew Leader Facilities U3-102 619-388-7823
Kjartanson Mary Professor EMT R1 619-388-7968
Klubeck Jeffrey Instructor Speech
Koch April Professor Foreign Language H-110K 619-388-7537
Krogh Kristin Instructor Basic Skills
Kruse Joe Accounting Technician Business Office N-101 619-388-7401
Landicho John Assistant Professor Exercise Science J-222D 619.388.7893
Le Calvin Instr Lab Tech/Chem Chemistry S5-211b 619-388-7437
Leaver Jennifer Assistant Professor Psychology H-110F 619-388-7504
Lee Linda Professor English H-110U 619-388-7512
Lighthart Alyson Instructor Geology
Lindsay Dane Regional Facilities Officer Facilities U3-109 619-388-7823
Lingner David Instructor Chemistry Web Page
Loedel Delores Instructor Accounting
Longfellow Tom Lead Prod Srvs Asst Reprographics N-102 619-388-7875
Lopez Michael Assistant Professor Philosophy H-214 619-388-7309 Web Page
Lowe Andrew Dept. Chair/Professor Biology S6-112P 619-388-7536 Web Page
Lowry Alma Instructor Fire Technology
Luu Bing Instructor Music
Lyon Lynette Nurse Health Services
Magpuri Glenn Instr Support Supervisor LRC L-111F 619-388-7613
Mai Robert Instructor Aviation Technology
Manalastas Emilia Instr Lab Tech/Bio Biology S5-102C 619-388-7364
Manasse Mark Assistant Professor English H-110G 619-388-7535
Mansfield Gabriela Instructor Biology
Marine Rose Senior Student Services Assistant CARE Program K1-305 619-388-7913
Martin Pablo Assistant Professor Speech H213 619-388-7694
Martinez Rachel Senior Secretary Student Development & Matriculation K303 619-388-7267
Martinez-Coniglio Carmen Accounting Supervisor K-205D 619.388.7326
Martinez-Parker Patricia Counselor Counselor -  Counseling K1-203J 619-388-7840
Matthews Jessica Assistant Professor Exercise Science J-222B 619-388-7767
Mc Dermott Carol Instructor English
McAllister Robert Instructor EMT
McCambly Jessica 619-388-7337
McCoole Art Instructor Political Science
McCorkell Francine Coordinator--The PLACe The PLACe L-104F 619-388-7707
McCorkell Francine L-104F 619-388-7365
McCurdy Michelle Instructor Health Services
McDermott Carole Instructor English
McGill Meredith Senior Student Services Assistant Assessment K2-108 619-388-7472
McGregor Kristin Instructor English
McJilton William Instructor Biology
McLemore Tali Student Srvs Assist Transfer Center K-306 619-388-7443
McMahon Marie Professor Biology S6-115L 619-388-7497 Web Page
McMenamin Julia Assistant Professor Mathematics M-211F 619.388.7690 Web Page
Mehlhoff David Instructor Administration of Justice 619-388-7924
Menou Jessica Instructor Psychology
Merriken Mike Instructor Fire Technology
Merritt Anthony Instructor Black Studies
Meyers Rob Bookstore Supervisor Bookstore K-105B 619-388-7641
Michals Nicole Instructor English
Miramontez Daniel Dean of Library, Technology & Research Library, Technology & Research L-114B 619-388-7333
Mitchell Kristina Instructor Chemistry
Mize Joan Graphic Artist/Photo Communications L-114B 619-388-7751
Moharir Medha
Mojica Rechelle Professor/Access Tech Specialist DSPS L-102C 619-388-7606 Web Page
Moller Scott A-224B 619-388-7455
Monroe Ryan Associate Professor Auto Technology S-204E 619-388-7499
Moore Max Instructor Aviation F1-103H 619-388-7660
Moore Ryan Assistant Professor Mathematics M-211L 619-388-7980
Moshirian Marjaneh Instructor Physics
Moss Martin Counselor/Professor Counseling K-203 619-388-7565
Moya Gabriela Instructor Spanish
Moyer Richard Instructor Astronomy
Munoz Lisa E. Assistant Professor English H-110Q 619-388-7360
Murphy Laura Professor Biology S6-112J 619-388-7539 Web Page
Najimy Temmy
Nalven Sally Professor Child Development F-207 619-388-7681
Nanthakumar Alaganandar Instructor Chemistry
Naters Virginia Professor Foreign Language H-110L 619-388-7538
Navarro David Counselor/Professor Counseling K-203 619-388-7560
Neff Arni Secretary Bus.Tech. Careers Workforce Init C-121 619-388-7523
Nelson Alice Student Srvs Supervisor I Counseling K-203 619-388-7559
Nelson Kathleen
Nesbitt Valri Instructor Political Science
Newhouse Greg Associate Dean ATTI C120 619-388-7673
Nguyen Hau Assistant Professor Computer Information Science M-107O 619-388-7695
Nguyen Sonny Outreach Coordinator Outreach K2-101A 619-388-7358
Nguyen Tam Quy Media Clerk LRC L-200 619-388-7612
Nguyen Tien Instr Lab Tech/Chem Chemistry S6-207A3 619-388-7390
Nguyen Vuong Tung Instr Support Supervisor Natural Science S5-201 619-388-7440
Nicholson Ann Instructional Lab Technician Biology S5-102C 619-388-7878
Nicholson John E. Instructional Assistant Auto Technology S-204F 619-388-7634
Nonaka Ruth Instructor Banking
North Wheeler O. Professor Aviation Technology F1-103I 619-388-7662 Web Page
Nour Afshin Instr Lab Tech Chemistry S6-207A3 619.388.7438
Novak Anthony Accounting Tech Student Accounting K-205A 619-388-7590
Obara Jane College Police Officer College Police T-100 619-388-7353
Okumoto Sadayoshi Professor Physics S6-115A 619-388-7540
Olson Kevin Sergeant College Police T-100 619-388-7353
Olson Roger Librarian/Professor LRC L-214C 619-388-7622
Omens Jordan Assistant Professor Admin of Justice A-224C 619-388-7454
Pacheco Bill Instr Lab Tech Audiovisual L-111K 619-388-7621
Pacheco Michael Instructor EMT NTC 619-523-2929
Padrique Eleuterio Custodian I Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Page Ron Instructor Mathematics M-211N
Palma-Sanft Mara Articulation Officer Transfer Center 619-388-7501
Panganiban Rachelle Instructor DSPS
Papa Venancio (Ben) Custodial Crew Leader Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Parent Christine Production Srvs Asst Reprographics N-102 619-388-7650
Patmon Amanda Police Academy Liaison A-210 858-505-6600
Pecenco Laura Associate Professor English H-110Q 619-388-7533
Petti Kevin Professor Biology S6-115E 619-388-7491 Web Page
Pham Lonnie Stu Asst Tech/FA Financial Aid K-312 619-388-7483
Phaymany Pamela Media Clerk LRC L-200 619-388-7833
Phillips Lorna Medical Office Asst Health Center K2-102 619-388-7881
Pickens Tia Administrative Technician Business Office N-101 619-388-7400
Pickham Kathleen Instructor Chemistry
Pink Larry A. Professor Aviation Technology F1-103F 619-388-7665 Web Page
Platts Cleon Student Srvs Assist Admissions & Records K-207 619-388-7574
Pollack Edith Admin Secretary VP Student Services N-203 619-388-7431
Pomplun Lourdes Instructor Spanish
Porter Lokemi Officer College Police T-100 619-388-7353
Porter Rod Professor Physical Education J-203A 619-388-7442
Prelozni Sue Instructor Marketing
Presley Kevin Instructor Aviation Operations F1-103A 858-869-9250 Web Page
Price Sharon Instructor Biology M-211L
Quis Steve Information Officer Communications N-203F 619-388-7865
Ragsdale Annette Military Ed MCAS 858-536-4329
Ramsey Gerald VP of Student Services SSVC N-203B 619-388-7432
Ray Chaudhuri Easeeta Instructor Economics
Reagan Carol Media Technician LRC L-212 619-388-7618 Web Page
Rector Robert Instructor Geology
Redondo Josephine Food Service Worker Sr Food Services K-104 619-388-7867
Reed Cheryl Assistant Professor English H-110T 619-388-7531
Reeves David Instructor History
Reichard Betty Ann Instr Lab Tech/Bio Biology S5-102C 619-388-7550
Reinstein Kenneth Assistant Professor English H-110E 619-388-7515
Revier Leslie Instructor Medical Lab Technician Training
Rhee Eric Librarian LRC
Richards Lyle Instructor Aviation Technology
Rico Maria Stu Asst Tech/FA Financial Aid K-312 619-388-7484
Rivaldi Matthew Instructor Business
Rivera Juan Instructor Mathematics
Robinson Janee Evaluations
Rodgers Stacy Admin Tech Public Safety R1 619-388-7937
Rodriguez Luz Instructor Spanish
Romero Angela Assistant Professor Political Science H-110V 619-388-7413
Rosas Herminio Gardener Groundskeeper Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Rubic Wai-Lang Assistant Professor Child Development F200 619-388-7700
Sacro Val Secretary Library & Technology L-114L 619-388-7333
Saikali Jeffery Instructor Mathematics
Salehi Kay Instr Asst/LR ILC L-104 619-388-7709
Salinsky John Professor EMT R1 619-388-7936
Sanchez Alex Assistant Professor Biology S6-115I 619-388-7890
Sanchez Margarita Senior Clerical Assistant Instruction N-203 619-388-7417
Sanchez Mike Instructor Physical Education
Sanmur Donna Administrative Technician Library/LRC
Schildhouse Rex instructor Accounting
Schilz Jodye Instructor History
Schilz Thomas Professor History H-110A 619-388-7500
Selchau Lisa Instructor Chemistry
Serra Michelle Instructor Speech
Sheean Dennis Assistant Professor Fire Technology R1 619-388-7889 Web Page
Shepard Michael 619-388-7877
Sherman Wayne Professor Mathematics M-211H 619-388-7689
Shooshtary Sam Stu Asst Tech/EOPS EOPS K-305 619-388-7545
Short Duane Counselor/Assoc Prof Articulation M-107I 619-388-7812 Web Page
Silva Chris Instructor Mathematics M-211G 619-388-7691
Simpson Dorothy Instructor Business
Sinkaset Namphol Professor Chemistry S6-112N 619-388-7644
Slivka Sandra Professor/Director, Southern California Biotechnology Center Biology S6-115K 619-388-7490 Web Page
Smith Gary Assistant Professor Chemistry S6-112H 619-388-7888
Smith William Web Designer Web Support Services L-114 619-388-7348
Soriano Anna Liza Hourglass Park Supvr Hourglass Park Support Srvs P-101B 619-388-7712
Spike Ananda Instructor Philosophy
Sproat Linda Test Proctor DSPS K1-204 619-388-7312
Stack Dana Student Srvs Supervisor II Admissions & Records K1-207 619-388-7579
Stamos Bill Instr Lab Tech/Comp Sci Instructional Computing Support L-114F 619-388-7745
Statler Stacy Instructor English
Steinberg Stacy Instructor English
Stephens Becky Instructor Mathematics M-211P 619-388-7993
Stillson Daniel Gardener Groundskeeper Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Stout Mark Instr Lab Tech Avia Aviation F1-107 619-388-7658
Sundstrom Linda Instructor Physical Education
Susan Simmons Bookstore Buyer Bookstore K1-105C 619-388-7341
Tanjuaquio Adrian Counselor Veterans K1-207 619-388-7477
Telo Lorena Administrative Technician Business Office N-101 619-388-7406
Tepraseuth Tosh Athletic Trainer Exercise Science J-202 619-388-7758
Thomas Elizabeth Instr Lab Tech/Child Dev Child Development F-211 619-388-7684
Thompson Joan L. Counselor/Professor Counseling K-305 619-388-7544
Thowsen Linda Instructor English
To Rose Instructor English
Todd Katinea A. Admin Secretary VP Instruction N-203 619-388-7414
Toland Amber Instructor English
Toler Earl Instructor Mathematics
Tooker Donna Instructor English
Toto Teressa Instructor Chemistry Web Page
Tran Donnie Instructor Mathematics M1-211I 619-388-7510
Trejo Ruth Instructor Chemistry
Trubovitz Dan Professor Biology S6-115H 619-388-7495 Web Page
Tuazon Ricaredo Custodian I Facilities U3-101 619-388-7823
Tucker Jill Instructor English
Um Joann Instructor Chemistry
Um Stephen Digital Print Prod/Mailroom Supervisor Reprographics N-102 619-388-7655
Urbina Yoryana Instructor Spanish
Vallejo Jorge Instructor Aviation Technology
Vargas Aleena Instructional Lab Technician Chemistry S5-211B 619-388-7826
Vargo Shayne Assistant Professor Mathematics M-211C 619-388-7987
Vasallo-Dusa Laurie Instructor Work Experience M-107B 619-388-7703
Vega Elaine Senior Office Mgr Business Office A-101 619-388-7403
Vernon Ben Instructor EMT
Viersen Alan Associate Professor Accounting M-107K 619-388-7693
Viersen Beth Instructor Computer Business Tech (CBTE)
Vilaboy Teresa Financial Aid Officer Financial Aid K-312 619-388-7485
Vinluan Ron Instructor Physical Education
Vo Lynna Stu Asst Tech/FA Financial Aid K-312 619-388-7487
Vodrazka Ed Instructor EMT
Volin Steven Instr Lab Tech/Phys Sci Physical Science S6-207A2 619-388-7568
Voyles Audrey Instructor Accounting
Vu Diep Mong Instr Lab Tech/Chem Chemistry S5-211B 619-388-7438
Waayers Robyn Instructor Biology
Walsh Martin Associate Professor Fire Technology R1 619-388-7935 Web Page
Wan Alice Student Srvs Tech Admissions & Records K1-207 619-388-7575
Warren Briele Exec Assist to President President's Office N-204 619-388-7834
Watkins Robin Media Technician LRC L-214 619-388-7616 Web Page
Watson Fred Instructor Mathematics
Weber John Instructor Fire Technology
Webley Kirk Counselor/Professor Counseling K-203 619-388-7553
Wiering Elisabeth Instructor Speech
Wilborn Brenda Assistant Professor Mathematics M-211Q 619.388.7632
Wilensky Harvey Professor Mathematics M-211N 619-388-7510
Wilhelm David Associate Professor Business M-107G 619-388-7465
Williams Terhea Instr Lab Tech/Bio Biology S5-110A 619-388-7567
Williams Todd Network Specialist Instructional Computing Support L-114F 619-388-7747
Willkie Daniel S. Professor Diesel Technology C-122 619-388-7527
Willy Patricia SCBC Outreach Program Biology S5-101F 619-388-7422
Wilson Heidi Instructor Physical Education
Wong Dr. Calvin Instructor Health Services
Young Joseph P. Associate Professor Auto Technology S-204C 619-388-7672
Young Sean Instructional Lab Assistant Auto Technology S-204F 619-388-7634
Zhang Erica Instructional Lab Technician Biology S5-110A 619-388-7567
Zhang Xi Research & Planning Analyst L-114 619.388.7333

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