Got Electric? Juice Up at SDCCD Campuses


Owners of electric cars can now charge their vehicles on campus, thanks to a partnership between the San Diego Community College District and ECOtality, a company that manages clean electric transportation and storage technologies.

A total of 16 EV stations have been installed throughout the District

  • City College: Five (5) stations are located on the second level ramp of the parking structure at the Career Technology Center (CTC) and included one ADA parking space
  • Mesa College: Five (5) stations are located in the lower level of the parking structure adjacent to the Mesa College Police Station (on the level below the Police Station)
  • Miramar College: Six (6) stations are located at the first level of the parking structure (including one ADA parking space) adjacent to the Miramar College Police Station

"The installation of the electric vehicle charging stations throughout the San Diego Community College District allows us to meet the needs of the growing electric vehicle industry and accommodate faculty, staff and students who have electric cars or are interested in owning an electric car but need a charging resource," said Constance M. Carroll, Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District.

The electric vehicle charging stations, known as Blink chargers, are part of ECOtality’s Blink Network (, an online program that allows drivers to remotely schedule and charge their vehicles. Drivers will use a Blink InCard to start the charger, which is outfitted with connectors, and a touchscreen that provides instructions and information about charging times and rates.

The charging stations will be available to City, Mesa and Miramar College faculty, staff and students. The charging stations are also open to the public during regular campus operation hours. While no permit is required to park in the EV charging station spaces, parking is strictly confined to electric vehicles and all other vehicles will be cited. All vehicles must be plugged in while occupying the charging spaces, and parking at the stations is limited to a four-hour maximum.

In addition to the car-charging stations, the SDCCD has other initiatives in place to encourage green commuting.

  • Transit stops for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit Center are directly situated at City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges, and are within easy walking distance from the six campuses for San Diego Continuing Education
  • A new Direct Access Ramp (DAR) leading to an expanded transit center with 12 bays is planned for Miramar College and will begin construction later this year
  • Preferred parking spaces are set aside for carpool commuters at Mesa College
  • Bicycle stations and changing rooms are available at the Educational Cultural Complex (ECC). Bicycle storage is widely available at City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges.

The charging stations were provided to the District as part of a grant. A portion of the installation was funded through the $1.555 billion Propositions S and N construction bond program, providing new state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities, major renovations and campuswide infrastructure projects at City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges and six Continuing Education campuses throughout San Diego. For more information, please visit