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Professional Advancement Committee



Tenured Faculty - Recommendation elected by committee - Two Year Term


Tenure is required for Faculty Committee membership. Campus Evaluator is a tenured faculty member and must be certified by the District's Affirmative Action Office as per Article XV of in the current bargaining unit Contract with the San Diego Community College District to sit in evaluation for Promotion or Tenure recommendations. Additionally there must be (1) full professor faculty member from each school. Administrator is appointed by the College President and is a non-voting member as per Academic Senate Bylaws.

Given the "Right to Privacy" issues that exist for any employee there are components of the Committee's business that come under the Rules for Closed Sessions in the Ralph M. Brown Act Section 54957. The Committee will adhere to the rules governing closed sessions.

Administrators Faculty Classified Students
1 5

Committee Goals

The duties of the Professional Advancement Committee shall be as follows:

  1. Salary Advancement and Sabbaticals
    • Review applications and make recommendations on sabbatical leaves for faculty.
    • Review sabbatical reports from faculty and recommend acceptance.
    • Review professional growth plans and professional completion forms for faculty and make recommendations for approval.
  2. Evaluate Faculty Employees for Promotion and Tenure recommendations as provided for in the current Bargaining Unit Contract with the San Diego Community College District.


It will recommend to the Academic Senate at least two Faculty members to participate in, and report on the District Professional Council as defined by the Bargaining Unit Contract with the District.

Committee will meet no less than once per month at a regularly scheduled time.

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