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Smoking Policy

San Diego Miramar College is now a Smoke-Free Campus. Smoking is not permitted.

The success of this program is dependent upon the voluntary cooperation of the smoking and nonsmoking public. The District recognized the fact that individual health can be impaired both by the direct and by the secondary effects of smoking. The District, therefore, discourages the practices of smoking, but provides for opportunities for those who smoke as long as there is no impact upon the rights and health of non-smokers. It is not the intent that the program be a prohibition of smoking, rather it is intended to recognize the individual rights of the smoking/nonsmoking public. The posting of no smoking signs without the corresponding designation of smoking permitted areas is not in consonance with the intent of the procedure.

  • All campuses of the San Diego Community College District operate in compliance with AB 846. As required by this law, City College, Mesa College, Miramar College, and the Centers for Education and Technology will not permit smoking within 20 feet of main entrances to buildings, exits or any operable windows. In addition, smoking is prohibited inside all public buildings. The colleges and centers will enforce the new ordinance at all times. Additional information is available in the College Police office on each campus.
  • Smoking is not permitted in District facilities which are open to the public and used as: Classrooms, Meetings Rooms, Theatres, Restrooms, Libraries, Cafeterias, Bookstores, Service Lines, Elevators, Faculty Offices.
  • Smoking is not permitted in vehicles used for transportation of students.
  • Site presidents/provost/facility managers may designate facilities or areas in addition to those listed above as NO SMOKING facilities or areas.
  • Each site determines areas for smoking and areas for nonsmoking in accordance with the SDCCD procedure and San Diego Municipal Code.
  • Signs indicating SMOKING PERMITTED and NO SMOKING should be posted conspicuously in each area.
  • Site presidents/provost/facility managers may designate areas within NO SMOKING areas where smoking is permitted, under the general guidance of San Diego Municipal Code.

For complete Smoking Policy, please reference SDCCD Procedure 0505.2.

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