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Transfer Center

Welcome to the Transfer Center!

Our mission is to help students successfully transfer to a four year institution. The Transfer Center offers aid to students in the transfer process to ensure a smooth and positive transition. The purpose of this website is to provide information and resources to assist students interested in the transfer process.

Transfer Dates & Deadlines

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Deadlines

  • TAG available Fall & Winter quarters only
  • Major and college not guaranteed

Transfer Date Must Complete by
End of Semester
Must Complete by
End of Semester
Application Filing Period
Fall 2012
  • 2 UC xfer English
  • 1 UC xfer Math

University Options

University of California

How to transfer to the University of California

Start by completing the required two transferable college courses in English composition (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units each) and one transferable college course in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units). The UC places a high priority on students who complete transferable Math and English courses early in their academic careers. Take the English and Math Assessment tests and get started immediately.

Steps to Transfer

What Is Transfer?

Transfer is the process of continuing your education at a four-year college or university, usually after completing your first two years at a community college. If planned correctly, the courses that you pass at community college will count towards requirements for your Bachelor degree just as if they had been taken at the four-year institution.

Miramar College students transfer to a wide variety of four-year institutions within California and throughout the world.

There are four basic transfer areas that students will focus on prior to transfer:

Glossary of Transfer Terms

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Transfer Links & Resources

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Transfer Workshops & Events

Fall 2012

Transfer to CSU:

Find out admission requirements to the California State University system. Learn how to access resources and put together an educational plan for your own pathway. In this workshop, we will also discuss the AA-T/AS-T degrees to the CSU. Transfer paths to SDSU will be discussed in detail.

Transfer Requirements (Articulation)

Each combination of transfer university and major has a different set of requirements, including different courses you should complete prior to transfer.

Most Miramar students transfer to one of the following types of universities:

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