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Honors Program

About the Program


The Honors Program at Miramar College offers highly motivated students an enriched learning experience. We offer both Honors core classes and individual Honors contracts for students in non-honors sections.

Honors Info For Faculty

Procedure and FAQs for Faculty Honors Program

Honors Contract Process and Forms

What is an Honors contract?
Honors contracts are written agreements between the you and the student in a non-honors section. A simple two-page form, the honors contract specifies honors-level objectives that you will ask your students to meet.
Where can I get the form?
Contract forms are available outside of the Honors Office, B203C (in the Career/Transfer Center).

Honors News

The Miramar College Honors Program is pleased to announce that we have been accepted to the Transfer Alliance Program by the University of California at Los Angeles! This achievement represents years of work building and sustaining the Honors Program. UCLA commended Miramar's Honors Program for many strengths, noting it is a "carefully planned" program that gives students opportunities to "develop their strengths as learners and thinkers" and that prepares them to "prosper at UCLA."

Honors Transfer Agreements

For information about the Honors transfer agreements, contact Kirk Webley or Naomi Grisham.

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