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Welcome to the Counseling Center at San Diego Miramar College. We provide academic, career, and personal counseling to students. We offer day/evening walk-in sessions (15 minutes) and long-term planning appointments.

General Counseling


PLEASE NOTE:  We are currently seeing students on a walk-in basis for Spring 2017 Semester planning.  One hour appointments for long-term planning will be available February - April 2017.

Miramar College Counselors are available to meet with you in a variety of ways to assist in achieving your academic goals.

Online Counseling @ Miramar

Prerequisites/Corequisites Policy

All prerequisites, co-requisites and limitations on enrollment as stated in the course descriptions of the college catalog will be strictly enforced at the time of a student's registration.

Students who believe they have met a prerequisite at another institution are strongly advised to have all official transcripts of prior college work and other documentation on file well in advance of registration. This will minimize registration delays.

Counseling Faculty & Staff

Title Phone Room
Rick Cassar Counselor/Professor 619-388-7554 K1-203G
Lisa Clarke Counselor/Professor 619-388-7563 K1-203H
Isabella Feldman Counselor 619-388-7375 K-203
Kevin Gallagher Counselor/Asst. Professor 619-388-7038 K1-203Q
Francesca Heasty Student Services Assistant 619.388.7557 K1-203
Marc Hollman Counselor/Assoc Prof 619-388-7561 K-203
Mark Hollman Counselor/Professor 619-388-7561 K1-203M
Patricia Martinez-Parker Counselor 619-388-7840 K1-203J
Martin Moss Counselor/Professor 619-388-7565 K-203
Phyllis Muitta Student Services Assistant 619-388-7558 K1-203
Erica Murrietta Counselor/Professor 619-388-7562 K-203
David Navarro Counselor/Professor 619-388-7560 K-203
Alice Nelson Student Srvs Supervisor I 619-388-7559 K-203
Judy Patacsil Counselor/Professor 619-388-7564 C-302
Kirk Webley Counselor/Professor 619-388-7553 K-203

New Student Orientation

Orientation is an important component in the matriculation process. This session will provide students the information needed to properly begin their transition into San Diego Miramar College. Topics will include First Steps to College, Assessment, College Programs and Services, Understanding the College Catalog, Important Dates and Deadlines, and How to Register for Classes (Reg-e).

Frequently Asked Questions--Counseling

Who is eligible to receive online counseling?

Students who have a current application on file, have met with a counselor before, and have all transcripts on file and evaluated.

Students who are in the military and are overseas with the above criteria met.

Students who are enrolled in majority of online classes with the above criteria met.


How do I get an online counseling appointment?

You can call 619-388-7840 / 858-536-7840 or visit the Counseling Office Room in C-302.

Getting Started

Welcome to Miramar College!

Steps to getting started in college, also known as matriculation.

For assistance with any of these steps, please contact the Outreach Office (619) 388-7358

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