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The Chemistry Program fosters an understanding of the fundamental principles of chemistry in a variety of applications: medicine, health-care products, energy, food production, body metabolism, structural materials, microelectronics, and the environment. Students learn how chemical knowledge is derived, theorized, and applied in solving problems in everyday life. Students perform experiments in a modern chemistry laboratory under the guidance of experienced faculty.

Chemistry Courses


Course Number Course Name
CHEM 044Supervised Tutoring in Chemistry
CHEM 100Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM 100LFundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 130Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
CHEM 130LIntroduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 152Introduction to General Chemistry
CHEM 152LIntroduction to General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 200General Chemistry I - Lecture
CHEM 200LGeneral Chemistry I - Laboratory
CHEM 201General Chemistry II - Lecture
CHEM 201LGeneral Chemistry II - Laboratory
CHEM 231Organic Chemistry I - Lecture
CHEM 231LOrganic Chemistry I - Laboratory
CHEM 233Organic Chemistry II - Lecture
CHEM 233LOrganic Chemistry II - Laboratory
CHEM 251Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 277DService Learning -- on Campus
CHEM 290Independent Study
CHEM 296Individualized Instruction in Chemistry

Chemistry Degrees & Certificates

Associate in Science Degree:

Chemistry Studies

The Associate in Science degree with an area of emphasis in Chemistry Studies is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor's degree at a transfer institution in a chemistry-related major.

Common university majors in this field include:

Chemistry Faculty & Staff

Full Time Faculty


Program Staff


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