Miramar College Child Development Center

About the Center

The Child Development Center

The Child Development Center operates as an instructional program for students and parents and offers a State-funded preschool program for children, ages 2 to 5, of parents attending San Diego Miramar College. The center offers a rich variety of classroom and outdoor activities for children, which encourage a sense of self-worth and creative expression.

Applying & Fees

Application Requirements

  • Enrollment in this Center is limited to the children of parents attending day classes at Miramar College. The parent must be participating in vocational training leading directly to a recognized trade, paraprofessional or profession.
  • Parents are required to enroll in a child development lab course each semester their child attends the Center. All students must enroll in Child Development 160 or 161 which consists of a one hour lecture and three hours of lab each week.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Carla S. McMullin—Instructional Lab Tech


Picture of Carla S. McMullin

I am the teacher for the Sticky Bear Room. I have worked for the Miramar College Child Development for over five years. Before working at the Center, I received my Associate of Science Degree in Child Development from Miramar College. My husband and I have four children and a dog named Keebler.

Children's Curriculum


Special Themes

Our curriculum covers a special theme each month. Daily lesson plans reinforce these themes through a variety of structured and unstructured activities. These themes are highlighted during group times. Once introduced, themes are integrated into the program throughout the year.

Parent Student Advisory Board

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Parent Student Advisory Board (PSAB)?

Kids playing

The PSAB was established to open the lines of communication between parents, students, teachers and children. The primary goal of the PSAB is to support the Miramar College Child Development Center program and its activities through active involvement in the Center's functions.