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Here's an interesting fact!

California is fortunate to be home to approximately thirty percent of all U.S. life sciences companies with more than five hundred in the San Diego region. The life sciences industry in CA employs more people than the entertainment industry and employs 1.5% of San Diegans. The life science industry uses biotechnology skills.

Biotech Degree & Certificate Options

Biotech Program Faculty

Our Applied Biotechnology Program Faculty joined Miramar with relevant research and industry experience.

Additionally, the program employs "Industry Instructors" to assist in teaching the classes. Together these faculty provide you with knowledge of employer needs, relevant skills and state-of-the-art training.

If you are interested in the program and desire free counseling, contact Dr. Sandra Slivka via phone or e-mail her at

Links & Resources

Useful Websites

What is Biotechnology?
(click on Learn More)
DNA Learning Center
Teach yourself biotechnology and genetics
Cancer and Biotechnology
A great story about how scientists are working to cure cancer.

Education Partnerships

Miramar College Biotechnology Program Partners with the following Programs:

Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI)
The LSSI provides students interested in the biotechnology field with internships in the life sciences industry. Through these internships, students receive valuable industry experience to assist them in pursuing a future career in the biotechnology field.

Frequently Asked Questions About Biotech

Biotechnologists Make Many Contributions...
To Medicine
Create new vaccines, drugs and diagnostic tests
Find gene therapies
Engineer new tissues
To Agriculture
Make Better Crops
Breed Better Animals
To Industry
Process Food
Brew beer & wine
To Law Enforcement
DNA analysis
Analyze evidence
To The Environment

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