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Biology Faculty & Staff

Title Room Phone
Wayne Cherry Assistant Professor S6-112O 619-388-7932
Patricia Flower Professor S6-112Q 619-388-7489
Buran Haidar Professor S6-112S 619-388-7412
Andrew Lowe Dept. Chair/Professor S6-112P 619-388-7536
Marie McMahon Professor S6-115L 619-388-7497
Kevin Petti Professor S6-115E 619-388-7491
Alex Sanchez Assistant Professor S6-115I 619-388-7890
Sandra Slivka Professor/Director, Southern California Biotechnology Center S6-115K 619-388-7490
Dan Trubovitz Professor S6-115H 619-388-7495
Laura Murphy Professor S6-112J 619-388-7539

Biology Degrees & Certificates

Certificate of Performance:

Applied Biotechnology-Analytical Chemistry*

Students may take the specific biotechnology courses and receive a Certificate of Performance authorized and issued by the academic department. It is not intended to nor will it be recognized as an official state approved program. It is intended to provide students with intensive laboratory skills development experience to meet entry-level employment requirements in the biotechnology industry.

Biology Course List

Biology Courses

Course Number Course Name
BIOL 044Supervised Tutoring in Biology
BIOL 100Natural History - Environmental Biology
BIOL 107General Biology-Lecture and Laboratory
BIOL 115Marine Biology
BIOL 130Human Heredity
BIOL 131Introduction to Biotechnology
BIOL 132Applied Biotechnology I
BIOL 133Applied Biotechnology II
BIOL 134Introduction to the Biotechnology Lab
BIOL 135Biology of Human Nutrition
BIOL 135Biology of Human Nutrition
BIOL 160Elements of Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 180Plants and People
BIOL 205General Microbiology
BIOL 210AIntroduction to the Biological Sciences I
BIOL 210BIntroduction to the Biological Sciences II
BIOL 215Introduction to Zoology
BIOL 230Human Anatomy
BIOL 231Media Experiences in Human Anatomy
BIOL 232Experience in Human Dissection
BIOL 235Human Physiology
BIOL 250Introduction to Botany
BIOL 277DService Learning -- on Campus
BIOL 285Tropical Biology Field Experience
BIOL 290Independent Study

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