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San Diego Miramar College has two primary programs under the Automotive Technology umbrella: General Automotive and Honda PACT/Toyota T-Ten. Industry leaders, including Honda and Toyota, look to the Automotive Technology Program at Miramar College for new employees, as well as to support current employee skill development.

General Automotive Technology

The General Automotive Technology Program at San Diego Miramar College has all the rigor and technical quality of the Honda PACT/Toyota T-TEN program, yet with the opportunity of working with various other industry partners. Classes provide theory and extensive hands-on entry-level training, as well as professional development opportunities for current industry employees.

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Honda PACT

The PACT Associate Degree Program

The PACT degree program is a career-building program that provides a balance of automotive, academic, and technical skills that students will use throughout their career in the automotive industry. The PACT Program includes the following areas in working toward an associate degree:

Toyota T-Ten

T-TEN is a partnership among Toyota, community colleges and vocational schools, and Toyota and Lexus dealerships across the country. Together, they provide state-of-the-art automotive training in both a classroom and dealership setting. As a T-TEN student, you will learn-and earn-in a supportive environment while receiving instruction from factory-trained teachers and guidance from dealership mentors.

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