Student Affairs

Constitution Day at San Diego Miramar College

The Student Affairs Office is proud to offer a myriad of educational activities to celebrate Constitution Day on September 17th each year. If you have any questions about what is being planned, please do not hesitate to contact Student Affairs at (619) 388-7313 or stop by our office in K-210.

Student Life

If you're looking for a college where your professors and counselors know your name, in an atmosphere of friendliness and warmth, you belong at San Diego Miramar College! Train for a new job, update your current job skills, earn an associate's degree, or complete the first two years of your bachelor's degree.

Come to Miramar College with its open space and open minds. It's easy to reach us off the I-15 freeway. We're hassle-free higher education with a single commitment: your academic success through quality instruction and extraordinary caring.

The SAGE: Award-Winning Student Newspaper

The SAGE has ceased publication. Past issues are archived here.