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Now Accepting applications for Fall 2014. Deadline is July 1st 2014. Next Info Session is April 25 at 9:00 AM. For more information contact (by e-mail only)


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The Medical Lab Technology Program

Does this program prepare me for the workforce?

The MLTT program at San Diego Miramar College is designed to produce trained individuals to enter the medical laboratory workforce as a Medical Laboratory Technician or the clinical diagnostic companies in the local biotechnology industry. The program's primary learning outcome is to graduate competent, workplace-ready members of a laboratory team. The MLT program is also designed to prepare students to take a national exam which when passed provides a California license as a Medical Laboratory Technician.

Medical Lab Program Faculty

The San Diego Miramar College Medical Laboratory Program employs faculty who have years of industry experience in local clinical facilities. They are a great resource of information and knowledge for your students in the MLT program.

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MLTT Program Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is there a 4-year MLT training program available?

Most 4-year universities do not have an MLT program.

How long does the MLTT Program take and when can I start?

It depends on the status of your general education. You need to complete all the prerequisites before you can take MLT classes. One you start the MLTT classes, it should take approximately two years to complete them all.

Is the program accredited?