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Behavioral Intervention Team at Miramar College

What We Do

Miramar College's Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is designed to assist faculty, staff, and students when confronted with situations in which a student is displaying behavior of a non-threatening mental health concern. The Team evaluates each referral efficiently and individually to provide proper follow up resources to the student in question and/or consultation with campus resources.

The BIT process does not handle faculty classroom management, disciplinary processes, and/or public safety responses to incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why develop a Behavioral Intervention Team?

Miramar College's Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) was developed to provide an efficient method to collect and follow up upon reported student concerns. The BIT's makeup, functions and goals are similar to team models within institutions of higher education across the United States. The “team” approach expedites intervention versus relying upon a single individual to report concerns.

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