Writing Assistance

About Writing Assistance

All students are welcome, not just those taking English classes. If you have a report or research paper for any course, you may make an appointment with a tutor for a 50 minute session or you can get help in the writing lab.

The Writing Lab is an open lab where any student can get help with writing.

The lab hours are:

  • Tuesday, 9am–12pm
  • Wednesday, 1–5pm
  • Thursday, 1–5pm
What is an open lab?
  • Open lab means no appointment needed.
  • Open lab means you can stay as long as you need.
  • Open lab students may print their papers.

Every Writer Needs a Reader

The PLACe supports Miramar College student writers by focusing on their individual needs in one-on-one conferences, group tutorials, and computer software. Our carefully selected tutors strive to support and supplement classroom writing instruction at all levels and in all subjects that require writing. The PLACe offers composition advice, grammar help, and referrals to other information sources. The PLACe does not fix papers for students. Rather, its goal is to create better writers, not better papers, by guiding students toward strengthening their own writing skills. Tutors may be seen by appointment. Group instruction is ongoing. We also offer workshops throughout the semester on various topics. Instructors may request class workshops on specific writing issues.


What Writing Tutors Do

  • Answer a question about grammar
  • Give you feedback on your essay
  • Help you get started on an essay
  • Help you revise an essay
  • Show you how to do simple research on the computer
  • Help you with citations and bibliographies
  • Help you become a better writer:
    • help you understand the writing assignment.
    • help you get started by brainstorming with you or by having you do some other prewriting.
    • help you organize your ideas (outline).
    • read your rough draft with you, and help you identify the following:
      • what is well expressed and appropriate
      • what is unclear, needing re-wording or explanation
      • what is off-topic
      • what is needlessly repetitive
      • what needs further development
      • what might need to be reorganized or restructured
    • help you address the above problematic situations by brainstorming with you again.
    • point out grammar issues that obscure the meaning of your sentences.
    • clarify these grammar issues by giving examples, providing handouts, or directing you to appropriate and helpful computer programs.
    • clarify questions you may have about your instructor’s comments on or about your draft.
    • help you incorporate your instructor’s comments into your revision by brainstorming with
    • you or by giving additional examples, providing handouts, or directing you to
    • appropriate and helpful computer programs.

What Writing Tutors Do NOT Do

  • tell you what to write.
  • tell you how (what specific words) to write.
  • make corrections or write words on your paper.
  • interpret works of literature or explain course material—doing this is your responsibility.
  • evaluate or grade your work; that’s your instructor’s responsibility.
  • proofread your paper, word-by-word, in order to identify and fix every, single grammar error or imperfection.